With more than 30 years of experience, we have refined our selection and training process to put only the very best teachers in our classrooms. At HESS, there is a symbiotic relationship between teaching and curriculum development. The people who write our materials also teach students and train other teachers with them. Being both an education and publishing company ensures that our teachers use the best methods to teach the most effective materials. We also recognize the inseparable relationship between reading and education, and through our bookstores, we support our students, parents, and the public at large with our education philosophy beyond the classroom.

Our programs include all-English and bilingual preschools, two streams of elementary school (one each for those who have and have not learned English in preschool), junior high school, an excellent e-learning platform, adult and corporate education programs, overseas study tours, and services supporting the arrangement of long-term overseas study placements.

In all of these programs, our main field of excellence remains English language education. However, we teach more than just English. In our preschools, children learn a wide variety of skills and knowledge, thoroughly preparing them for public school. In our elementary and junior high schools, we also support our students with courses in other subjects such as Chinese, math, and science, helping them to become well-rounded and successful students. In addition to the excellent business and conversational English courses we offer to adults, there is also the opportunity to learn French and Japanese at this level.

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