INCREDIBLE opportunity with an AMAZING family in GORGEOUS St. Lucia!

We're looking for a happy, energetic, resourceful, creative,  adventurous, educated/experienced, and kind homeschool teacher for our two young children (8 and 6). We are originally from New York City but moved to the beautiful island of St. Lucia 3 years ago. We LOVE it here but the school system is not up to our standards. So, we're in need of someone who can really add not only the missing links in their education, but do so in a way that's exciting. This island is a hub of incredible resources- a perfect landscape to explore, play and learn. 

A little about us! Andrew is a musician and technology expert currently working as an technology consultant to clients around the world. When on the island he's most often kite-surfing. 

Rena  worked for 10 years in the music biz and then received her LMSW from NYU. On the island, she spends her time hanging with her kids, playing music and painting. 

Elia (8 in Jan. '17) is very active, very inquisitive and very bright. He loves books, art, capoeira, fishing, and soccer. He considers himself a real island 'boi' and loves to explore in nature. 

Bowie (6 in '17) is very funny, very kind and very creative. She too loves books, being a  "monkey" (she climbs everything!), making up songs and dances and can get completely absorbed in her imaginative play.

A little about St. Lucia. Well, its GORGEOUS (as already mentioned).  The palm-fringed beaches, the incredible waterfalls, the miles of unspoiled rainforest,  the majestic Piton Mountains, and the extremely friendly locals along with the opportunities for adventure, entertainment, and learning (as well as relaxation) makes this island one of the greatest destinations in the world. 

The job is offering $28k plus apartment plus car. We are looking for someone for whom English is a first language. Applicants should have at least 3 + years as an educator. They should be licensed with a degree in education. 

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you!

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