The Elementary - Grade * School is Located in Jeddah. Cambridge Accredited. ( Provide Medical/Police Clearance) Urgent Demand - Need for September 1st Arrivals.(Fast Connections/Recruitment/Interview We are currently looking to recruit Early Child Hood Education teachers interested in working in the Middle East. We are specifically looking for teachers to teach Kinder-Garden and Primary School .It is a unique fast growing environment especially in the educational sector. Teachers must be adaptable and respectful to the different cultural & religious environment. Please contact us for further details on Job Description and any necessary Information. Starting Salary: $35.000 per year + Accomodation, Utilities,Private Medical, Flight Tickets (Paid Vacation 2 Months for 2 Year Contracts) + Many More Benefits. Education: Bachelor of Education Experience: 2 Years US/UK/Canada Citizens/Native Speakers 2 Home Room Grade 5 - Male Gentlemen Teachers 1 Science Grade 7- Male Gentleman Teacher 1 Science / PE teacher Grade 6&7 3 Grade 1/2 Female Lady Teachers 2 KG teachers Female Lady Teachers All to have Bachelor of Education or PGCE / HDE not only CELTA or ESL qual. Must have 2 yrs min exp excluding internships. International exp an advantage. Dear Potential Candidate, I grew up in the Middle East and enjoy the atmosphere very much. I thoroughly enjoy the strong culture and historical background. I used to go backpacking every summer to a various amount of religious, architectural and historical structures. Jeddah is very close to the ocean and has a beautiful harbour along the Red Sea. All teachers will live within the international community compounds to ensure a home atmosphere. The prices of food are much lower considerably and the cost of driving or transportation is extremely cheap. Gas (avg +/-$20 cents) is still cheaper than water. The most amazing part is while living in the Middle East is that you are in the center of the world and you can travel to a variety of countries for a very low priced ticket comparatively to North America. The contract as mentioned below has a monthly salary of [12500 SR= approx. $40,000 CAD per year]. Inclusive in the package is also a return air ticket [approx. value of $4000 CAD], a paid 2 month annual leave [approx. value of $6788.70 CAD]. Monthly accommodation with all utilities paid at a value of [2500 SR =678.83 CAD per month]. Don’t forget the private medical insurance that is also included. Feel free at any time to ask me for more information. I am always available to help you. I have tremendous experience with cultural integration and personal understanding considering being a previous resident of the Middle East and a current resident in North America. All applicants will have all the questions answered. I would like to personally welcome you to join our teacher’ team as soon as possible and successfully educate the new upcoming generation! Kind Regards, Neiel Sharma

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