Learning Jungle International School is a proud provider of quality education and care for children and families in the communities it serves. Guided by our centre policies and procedures that are rigorously implemented, our centres provide the highest Canadian standards of quality education and a learning environment that continually exceed the most stringent requirements of local legislation.

Our promise is to create a positive learning environment where children have a sense of belonging and well-being.

At Learning Jungle, we recognize that early childhood is an extraordinary time that sets the stage for all the years to follow.

We believe:

  • All children are capable, curious and full of potential
  • Children learn best through developmentally appropriate programs
  • Parent engagement is important in a child’s development.
  • A child’s progress should be measurable

Our promise is to create a positive learning environment where children have a sense of belonging and well-being. We offer programs that encourage creativity, focus and engagement to support optimal development (social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical).

We ensure:

  • Educators engage families regularly to understand and discuss each child’s individual needs
  • Educators plan activities and lesson plans to foster every child’s learning through exploration, play and inquiry
  • Families have opportunities to learn and provide feedback about their child’s progress by accessing online portfolios that showcase lesson plans, pictures and daily reports
  • Educators are provided teacher training, and are supported by our Learning Jungle Expert Group and technology
  • Physical environments are safe, healthy and inviting


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