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Latest teaching jobs at Lumos in Switzerland

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Stay tuned for new positions at Lumos. In the meantime, check out our job board for more teaching jobs worldwide.
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Stay tuned for new positions at Lumos. In the meantime, check out our job board for more teaching jobs worldwide.

About Lumos

About us:

Lumos is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering children so they can flourish in the world of tomorrow.

Our story

We are a Swiss-New Zealand, secular family. For the past 20 years we have lived in the USA and raised three wonderful children (born 2014, 2016 and 2018). We originally decided to homeschool because we wanted to be flexible to spend a lot of time in both of our home countries - and school vacations in the USA did not make that possible. But we quickly fell in love with homeschooling for other reasons as well. We love that our kids can learn at the pace that's right for them, and that they can really dig deep into the subjects and topics that interest them. We love that learning at home is so efficient that our kids have plenty of free time to play and do other activities. We love that we can make our kids' learning really hands-on, and we love that we can spend lots of time together as a family.

When we first thought about homeschooling, we were concerned that our kids wouldn't have enough opportunities to learn and play with other kids. So we decided to start a group of other homeschoolers who were interested in meeting on a regular basis. This group consisted of 14 kids (born 2013-2014) who meet three times a week for four hours. One of those days the kids were at a nature park and the other two days they worked together on STEM tasks, did art projects, played team games, participated in group discussions, and also had lots of free play time. All of the kids loved spending time together and made really good friends. In addition to these weekly meetings, we organized many events, such as camping trips with the family, barbecues, and exhibition days where the children presented what they had been working on.

After many discussions as a family, we have decided that we want to move to Switzerland (more precisely to the canton of Zurich) in the summer of 2024. We would like to continue homeschooling in Zurich and try to build a community similar to the one we had in the USA.

Lumos contact information

Address: Switzerland, Zurich, 9000, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (650)387-4249

Switzerland at a glance

Country information

Capital: Bern

Language: German, French, Italian, Romansch

Population: 8,341,000

Currency: Swiss franc

Government: Federal multi-party directorial republic

Major Religion(s): Christian

Climate: Temperate but varies with altitude

Country quick facts

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In 2015, Switzerland was ranked the world’s happiest country
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Switzerland is home to over 450 varieties of cheese
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There are more than 1500 lakes in Switzerland, owning 6% of Europe’s freshwater.
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