Sarh Al Jaameah Private School (SAPS), in Muscat, Oman, opened in September 2019. The school will serve grades 1 through 6 during the 2022-2023 school year. The school was born out of the vision of the Sultan Qaboos University and seeks to be a beacon in the private school community.

SAPS is an extension of the university, and it will have access to various supports, including faculty from colleges of diverse disciplines. As international educators, you’ll join a richly diverse team of professionals with vast experiences that will translate into service-learning, real-world application, subjects and content of interest for students to explore and experiment in and the opportunity to leave your indelible mark as the founding teachers and leaders. You will be part of a new school initiative, which will welcome your gifts and talents. There is ample room for professional growth and opportunities to be creative and flexible in approaches to learning. This is an exciting project, which encourages innovative ideas to flow and impact children and the school community.                       

According to the Expat Insider 2020 report by Inter Nations, Oman is in the top five safest countries in the world for expats – higher than any other Gulf nation – and ranked 24th out of 59 countries overall for expat life.        

Pictures reflect project construction that is expected to start July 2022 for our new campus. 




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