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Disney English History

The Walt Disney Company is world-renowned for their engaging and inspiring stories. In addition to family entertainment, Disney has developed a number of educational programs, including Disney English language schools for early years students. Disney is dedicated to providing exceptional educational support to young learners around the world.

Since the opening of their flagship Centre in Shanghai in 2008, Disney English has grown across China, opening their doors to children and shaping their love for learning. Join a team that provides an award-winning academic curriculum that engages children the way children learn – through stories, songs, characters and above all - fun!

Teach English Abroad in China with Disney English

Teaching Philosophy

The Disney English program aims to awaken a passion for learning English, with a focus on engaging young learners in a fun, positive and productive environment.

Program Details

The method used at Disney English is known as the Disney ISA (Immersive Storytelling Approach). The ISA is based on Multiple Intelligences theory, and entails using Experiential Learning in the class. Teachers, called “trainers”, use a variety of interactive activities, songs, visual materials, and plenty of movement in the classroom, to captivate students’ attention and show them that learning is fun! In-class learning is combined with home study materials and online tools to provide a comprehensive learning experience for all students.

Name of Program Hello World Foundation Step Up
Ages Age 2 Ages 3-6 Ages 7+
Language Partner Local language partner present 100% of class time Local language partner present 80% of class time Local language partner present 80% of class time
Length of Class 45-90 minutes 60-120 minutes 60-120 minutes
Class Size Maximum: 15 Maximum: 15 Maxximum: 15


Professional Environment

Disney English prides itself on providing an outstanding work environment for its trainers. During the training and orientation period, trainers will learn more about the company and the learning model, the materials and technology available, and they will have a chance to sit in on Disney English classes. Trainers are paid during the training and orientation period.

Disney provides ongoing professional development opportunities to its trainers, and trainers are also eligible for promotions within the company after 6 months of service.

Disney English looks for passionate, out-going, native-speaking English Language teachers. You’ll get to discover a new culture, inspire children to learn a new language and grow and develop your own skills in ways you never dreamed. It's all possible at Disney English.

  • Foreign Trainers provide a highly engaging and effective learning experience to children between 3-12 years old through the delivery of innovative and immersive Disney educational content.
  • Successful Foreign Trainers have high energy! Delivering curriculum with energy and enthusiasm is a must. Our Trainers use immersive learning techniques such as storytelling, singing, dialogue and role-playing in combination with formal exercises.
  • Foreign Trainers work a 40 hour work week (20-25 contact teaching hours – up to 30 hours if working with our special summer course) including evening and weekends.
  • Measuring progress as well as educational results while providing on-going support and development to the students is required for success.
  • Foreign Trainers build strong relationships with parents and keeping them “in-the-know” on their child’s journey.

English Foreign Trainers at Disney English

English Foreign Trainers will help students improve their English reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. By using the provided state-of-the art technology, activity books, listening materials, sing-along exercises, and various onsite supplies and props, trainers will provide a fun and exciting English learning experience.

Trainers work 40 hours per week, spending 20-24 hours in the classroom with the students. When not working in the classroom, trainers will attend staff meetings and training sessions, prepare lesson plans, and lead demonstration lessons for prospective parents and students.

Trainers will use hands-on activities, games, songs, and story-telling to engage students and captivate their imaginations, while maintaining a fun, exciting learning environment. English Foreign Trainers will also be involved with marketing and social events at their learning centres, and will communicate with the Language Learning Director about student achievement in order to ensure effective program delivery.

Trainers should be enthusiastic, energetic, creative and dedicated in order to make the most of this great opportunity.


Language Learning Directors at Disney English

Language Learning Directors will oversee their Language Centre, with the overall goal of maintaining an exciting, effective learning environment for all Disney English students. Directors will ensure student and parent satisfaction, manage foreign and local trainers, monitor student achievement, and deliver ongoing professional development. While primarily expected to oversee administration and daily operations, Directors may also be required to cover classes, and as such, should be flexible and adaptable. Directors must have substantial management experience, the ability to motivate teammates, and should be excited and enthusiastic about supervising an innovative program.

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