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Job Post Banner British Columbia Program Head (Lower Elementary)

British Columbia Program Head (Lower Elementary)

Hayat Universal School (HUBS)
Doha, Qatar
Furnished, air-conditioned housing
Annual economy round-trip airfare to point of origin at the time of summer vacation
Start date
Start August 2023
2 years
  • Elementary
  • Licensed Teacher
  • Bachelor
  • 10 years of teaching experience
  • Education
  • Teaching Credential/License


  • Evidence of effective teaching abilities (planning, delivery, assessment) in a range of the relevant grade levels; working with a competency-based-curriculum; implementing the BC approach to teaching and learning including the use of inquiry/applied learning opportunities, a variety of instructional programs and frameworks, emphasizing the importance of literacy in all subjects, the integration across subjects, scaffolding teaching, the use of different assessment approaches (as, for and of) and the ability to inspire learners and model for teachers, preferably in ELL school settings.
  • The planning, organization, and communication skills needed for managerial positions requiring the ability to see the big picture and relate details to the larger framework while prioritizing tasks and positively engaging people.
  • A genuine commitment to do the very best for learners and to remain nurturing, flexible, and patient with challenging students; an appreciation of professional learning communities; a strong commitment to teamwork; and a tolerance for frustration/imperfection and the demonstrated ability to respect other cultures
  • Experience in planning and delivering professional development events for teachers.
  • A valid British Columbia professional teaching license. Similar licenses from other Canadian provinces or international jurisdictions will be considered if the applicant is willing to pursue BC certification.
  • Preferably a minimum of ten years of full-time teaching experience in the relevant grades
  • Teacher academic leadership experience in schools offering competency-based curricula, preferably in the province of British Columbia. Applicants who have not held formal teacher academic supervision roles but have assumed similar responsibilities on project bases will be considered.
  • 100% tax-free salary. Starting salary would be QR 21,000 per month for candidates with 5 years of full-time administration experience (equivalent to an annual salary of approximately CAD 92,500). The salary is fixed at the Qatari Riyal rate and does not get adjusted with the changes in currency fluctuations. The CAD annual income is provided here only to help the candidates in associating the monthly salary in the local currency with a currency they are familiar with. For longer experience (above 5 years as Administrator) the salary will increase.
  • End of service gratuity equivalent to 80% of the monthly salary for every year of service.
  • Large accommodation with facilities: a single administrator/married with no children receives a two-bedroom apartment. Apartments are in complexes with a swimming pool and gym. Housing allowances are provided upon the request of an administrator at the rate paid by the school.
  • Transportation allowance is provided.
  • Child tuition discount is 100%.
  • Excess baggage reimbursement allowance.
  • Economy airfare at the beginning and end of the contract.
  • Annual economy round-trip airfare to point of origin at the time of summer vacation for contracts of more than one year.
  • Private medical local insurance.
  • Paid Summer Leave.
  • School will arrange and bear the Qatar government fee for your visa, work permit, and national identification.
  • Reimbursement of fees paid for the BC Ministry of Education Teachers Regulation Branch for applying for the BC teacher certification. Miscellaneous expenses are not covered by the school.
  • Family Benefits are provided for married Administrators with children up to the age of 18 years old.


Hayat Universal School (HUBS) Qatar is a PreK – 12 British Columbia Certified Offshore School operating in Doha, Qatar. HUBS Qatar offers the BC Program along with a national program of Arabic Language, Islamic Education, and Qatar History. The school bilingual programs attract Qatari families and the vast majority of students are English Language Learners (ELL). Most students join the school at the preschool program level. Being an offshore school, HUBS depends heavily on its educational leadership team, comprised of the Principal and BC Program Heads, for implementing the BC curriculum and operating the school to achieve the school mission and learning goals of developing Effective Communicators, Reflective Thinkers, Responsible Individuals and Global Muslims.



The BC Program Head position is of an academic vice-principal level. The BC Program Head supports the school Principal primarily in the Principal’s instructional leadership role. The Principal strives to deliver a rigorous educational program for HUBS’ predominantly ELL population. The aim is to create a professional and positive school climate, where adults are collaborating to engage students in meaningful and strategically focused learning in a nurturing and safe environment. Student achievement must be measured based on the BC Ministry of Education standards and the school's learning goals.


Detailed Duties

The BC Program Head leading specific grade levels assumes the following responsibilities:

  1. Planning for Instruction and Assessment
    • Leading/contributed to the discussions within teacher and admin teams to develop policies for instruction, assessment, reporting, homework, student co-curricular and extracurricular activities and student support with consideration for the needs of the student body who is predominantly Qatari and is ELL;
    • Selecting instructional programs and frameworks to bring the structure and consistency required for effective delivery of the BC curriculum while considering the fluid nature of staffing in International schools. The BC Program Head is to support planning instruction using those programs developed over the nine years of HUBS School;
    • Identifying instructional strategies that will support teacher instruction, in addition to the mandated strategies;
    • Selecting learning resources required for the BC curriculum, including books for sale to students, classroom and library resources, manipulatives, and IT resources;
    • Preparing or leading the preparation of materials such as professional teacher resources (planning templates, sample plans, and self-contained activities) and student resources (reference materials, map of curriculum to textbooks and homework);
    • Led the development of class lists with student grouping that minimizes the heterogeneity of reading levels within one class;
    • Leading and supported teachers as they develop the following:
      • year plans/course overviews, unit plans, weekly newsletters, and daily lesson plans using the school-mandated templates and ensuring differentiation, technology integration, ESL emphasis, and implementation of hands-on and inquiry-based approaches required for the redesigned BC curriculum
      • homework assignments
      • formative and summative assessment
      • Plans for student co-curricular and extracurricular activities that support learning and diversify opportunities to maximize student achievement.
  2. Monitoring Instruction, Assessment and Student Achievement
    • Making regular classroom visits as per the school policy to monitor the consistent use of required daily plans; adherence to the yearly plans/course overview; use of instructional strategies, resources, and assessment as per policies and plans; student-engagement and positive classroom environment;
    • Reviewing exam papers before administration;
    • Collecting and reviewing samples of items such as instructional plans, student classwork, homework, and completed assessment and, wherever applicable, assess students to spot-check teacher assessment;
    • Supervising exam invigilation;
    • Monitoring the use of formative and summative assessment and adherence to the assessment policy through periodical checking of the Gradebook;
    • Reviewing and signing student progress reports (Report Cards);
    • Monitoring materials published on the Student Information System (Plus Portal) to communicate with students and their families;
    • Reviewing and analyzing student assessment data to identify trends and anomalies and prepare for a discussion with the school Principal, school Head Office and teachers to identify actions to improve student achievement.
  3. Managing Behavior and Discipline
    • Contributing to developing schoolwide policies and procedures for behavior management and student discipline;
    • Contributing to developing classroom routines and expectations common/calibrated across grades to bring consistency in managing behavior and support to new teachers as they address this challenging aspect of teaching at HUBS;
    • Monitoring the implementation of school policies, procedures, programs, and classroom routines during classroom visitations and while on duty during recess. Coordinate with the school counselors and reflection area assistants to make sure teachers follow the discipline process as they refer students to the counselors/reflection rooms. Supporting teachers in communicating with parents, arranging meetings related to negative behavior and following up on behavior plans set for students who are not meeting school behavior expectations.
  4. Identifying and Supporting At-Risk Students
    • Contributing to the development of a process to identify students who are at risk of failing and possibly leaving HUBS due to academic performance or poor behavior;
    • Working with teachers and counselors to see that the process is implemented promptly to ensure at-risk students are identified as early as possible, parents are engaged in the process, support and behavior plans are developed, the performance of students is monitored and, cases of possible retention or denial of re-registration, are identified.
  5. Coaching Teachers
    • Led weekly meetings for grade-level team collaboration that are meant to create opportunities for teachers and the BC Head to share ideas and experiences to develop common/consistent instructional plans and assessment practices; to help solve problems related to teaching and managing behavior and to have issue and ideas discussed and implemented as needed;
    • Working with teachers either during class visitations or through one-to-one meetings to support them with their planning, assessment and managing behavior;
    • Modeling best teaching practices and the use of school-mandated resources, instructional programs, frameworks, strategies and assessments;
    • Contributing to healthy teacher morale by helping teachers positively view the profession’s challenges while working in an international setting with a different culture by providing them with guidance and support and constructively and proactively communicating teacher concerns to the school Principal and the school Administration Council to help address these concerns.
  6. Engaging Parents
    • Coach and monitor teachers to ensure that they are following the best practice of engaging parents and in supporting any policies/procedures/systems the school is implementing in this regard;
    • Meet with parents to discuss their concerns, educate them about the school programs and policies and constructively address their issues or ideas;
    • Plan and deliver/ensure the delivery of meaningful activities that will integrate parents into the school life, such as:
      • Student performances that will showcase student learning
      • Subject projects such as Science, Social Studies, and Arts
      • Presentations on the BC programs
      • Workshops on teaching methods used at HUBS in areas such as literacy, numeracy and character development so that parents may support the school’s work at home.
  7. Entry Assessment
    • Review and, if needed, update entry assessment for grades the BC Head is assigned to lead;
    • Review entry assessments administered by teachers and make the final recommendation to the school Principal.
  8. Professional Development
    • Contributing to the annual plans for professional development and in-service, including the two-week orientation before the start of the school year;
    • Identifying sources and receiving suggestions from teachers for professional development and working with the school admin team to screen these opportunities and arrive at decisions;
    • Planning and offering professional development in areas of expertise.
  9. General School Leadership Duties
    • Working with members of the school administration team and teachers to plan and offer student activities such as showcases, intra and inter-school competitions, science and art fairs, and projects to expand learning opportunities for students beyond the classroom to develop school pride, enhance the positive climate, and meaningfully engage parents;
    • Participating in the supervision of recess to monitor and support teaching staff and assistants;
    • Contributing to school improvement through policy/procedure development, the analysis of data from a variety of sources, the development of growth plans and participation in school accreditation;
    • Playing a key role in the implementation of staff discipline policy and procedure by alerting the school Principal to staff members who may be struggling to meet their professional responsibilities; working with staff under discipline to help them improve and alerting the Principal if support attempts are not resulting in the required change;
    • Contributing to effective school operation, positive school climate, and improving staff/student retention by engaging in a transparent and constructive dialogue with other members of the school administration team, the Principal, and school Head Office executives to identify problems both at the grades the BC Head is leading as well as across the whole school, and to consider and support an agreed-upon course of action.
This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

Hayat Universal School (HUBS), Qatar is a CIS-accredited, British Columbia Certified Offshore School. This is the link to the BC Certified Offshore Schools.

The Ministry thoroughly inspects our school every year. For example, inspectors look into BC program year plans, instructional time, instructional methods, admission system, the integrity of the promotion and registration process, support services, school policies, safety and supervision plans, student and staff records, teacher and principal certification, and hiring practices, learning resources, facilities and school licensing.

To graduate from our school, students will have to complete the requirements of the British Columbia graduation program in English. Graduates receive the British Columbia Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma).

Although the school offers bilingual/bi-cultural education with an Arabic Program that implements the Qatar National Curriculum, the main program is the BC program with the majority of the instructional time dedicated to this program (80% in K and 74% starting Grade 1)

The school started in 2009-2010 with KG1 - Grade 3 and has been adding a grade every year with the movement of students to higher grades. The school started to offer Grade 12 in 2018-2019. The purpose of this approach is to make the lower grades the main point of entry to the school and to keep transfers in the higher primary and intermediate grades to the minimum.

From 190 students in its first year (2009-2010), the school has grown to 1063 students in 2022-2023, with 70% of them enrolled in the BC Program, which starts at KG2.  The remaining students are registered in our Early Childhood Program (PreKG and KG1). The school’s reputation and its remarkable success are attributed to its bilingual program, the world-class BC program it implements, and the quality and dedication of the school team of teachers and administrators who make these programs a success. The students are predominantly Qataris and ESL learners. The School Early Childhood Grades (PreKG and KG1) prepare students for the BC Program. English is the main language of instruction in these grades. Their curriculum dovetails with the BC

HUBS Qatar is the culmination of the vision and experience of a renowned psychologist and educator in the Middle East. Parents, teachers, and BC inspectors sense the community that prevails in the school. In the year 2022-2023, the school team of educators includes 62 administrators; classroom, support, and ESL teachers. 47 are licensed educators, 20 Canadians, 12 Americans, 1 Australian, 6 South Africans, 3 British, 1 Jamaican, 1 Filipino, 1 Tunisian, and 2 Indians. The remaining 15 qualified teachers are from Canada, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, 1 Syrian, 1 Serbis,Tunisia, and Jordanian. 24 Arab teachers deliver the Arabic Program. The school is supported by a team of teacher assistants. Each PreKG - Grade 2 class is assigned a teaching assistant. TA time is provided to the higher elementary grades on a part-time basis.

Qatar is a stable and wealthy small country. The government has a vision for this small country that makes citizens proud. Doha, the capital is the only city in the country. It is an upscale expatriate-friendly city that is close to many travel destinations. Qatar has taken major strides in developing education with many major international universities opening branches here. The country hosts a wealth of international and regional sports
and cultural events.

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job
Please note that Teach Away provides information on behalf of schools and cannot accept liability for information provided or policies schools may adopt. Be sure to verify all details that apply to you, and check for the latest visa and work permit requirements. For any questions regarding job postings, please contact the school directly. Teach Away believes in diversity and inclusivity, and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and be considered fairly and equally for employment. We ensure all schools we work with adhere to our pledge to promote inclusivity and diversity in education and recruitment practices.

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