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Design & Technology Teacher

UCSI International School
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Housing allowance in package
One flight in at the beginning of contract and one flight to exit at the end of the 2-year ontract
Start date
Start August 2024
2 years
  • Elementary, Middle School, High School
  • Licensed Teacher
  • Bachelor
  • 3 years of teaching experience
  • Education
  • Teaching Credential/License
  • School Tuition for children is fully sponsored by the school (other fees, application/registration fee & tech fees apply) for expat teachers
  • Professional development is encouraged and depending on the need of the program
  • Dental benefit
  • Paid school holidays
  • Medical leave allocation
  • Employees Provident Fund allotment, optional
  • Relocation allowance


The UCSI Schools Group has 3 campuses in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Campus, Subang Jaya Campus, and Springhill Campus. Two of its campuses focus on the British school curriculum while the other one focuses on the IB.

While maintaining a strong focus on the core curriculum which includes the British school curriculum with Cambridge IGCSE and International Primary Curriculum, we aim to complement the formal curriculum with a series of CCAs in which students’ experiences form a cornerstone of their holistic education for the 21st century. The rapid advancement of technological innovations, global competition, and a push toward a knowledge-based economy requires that our students learn to have a repertoire of soft and hard skills to enable them to succeed in a future economy that is still in the making. Through our unique CCA experiences, our students can exhibit soft skills like creativity, leadership abilities, teamwork, flexibility, communication skills, resilience, and an enterprising spirit that will enable them to stay relevant in the future.

Primary School: We currently call this class Makerspace. Students complete projects based on a design brief that allows them to explore their creativity and critical thinking skills as well as collaboration, communication, and character. They complete some projects individually and others in groups. As students progress in Primary, we try to add a meaningful digital element to all projects. Some examples include making a tealight holder and drawing it in CAD or making automata and creating a stop motion video to document it. All students must take this class and it is currently two 40-minute periods each week.  

Lower Secondary (Years 7-9): Students complete three major projects per term which highlight the same 5 Cs in Primary, but they are introduced to the concept of creating a portfolio to document their work. Each project highlights a different aspect of the portfolio so in their 3 year journey, they have focused on each element. These projects all have physical and digital elements. All students must take this class and it is currently two 40-minute periods each week. 

Upper Secondary (Years 10-11 / IGCSE): Students choose to join this class and we only offer the Resistive Materials strand of IGCSE D&T. Students focus on four main areas: conceptual knowledge to allow them to perform well on the first IGCSE paper which focuses on creating and developing a design on paper; materials understanding for the second IGCSE paper; portfolio development which counts for a large part of their final project; building skills and ultimately their final project.
Being an Apple School, our D&T must be able to incorporate digital skills into D&T and have the willingness to adopt this mindset. The current D&T role would need to be able to teach older students and will most likely also teach some of our younger learners as well.


This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

At UCSI International School (UIS) Kuala Lumpur, the combination of the Cambridge International Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum during primary school lays the foundations for secondary school and the rigorous IGCSE exams. Our multinational teachers are well-qualified to deliver the curriculum, and our maker space, science labs, and studios enable students with hands-on learning opportunities.

Beyond that, UIS Kuala Lumpur has established The EdTech Centre, a one-stop technology and learning hub to enable students, teachers, parents, and the community to interact with one another on the growing importance of the 21st Century Skills. These skills, among others, consist of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking by leveraging emerging digital technologies to increase the reach and impact of education. This platform is set to redefine the outcomes of youth and to heighten the quality of education for students across the board.

UIS Kuala Lumpur focuses on Eight Critical Characteristics in our learning content and experiences: Character Education, Global Citizenship Skills, Innovation & Creative Skills, Technology Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Personalised & Self-Paced Learning, Problem-based Collaborative Learning, and Lifelong Learning. Supported by Apple Education, our students use tools and resources such as the Everyone Can Create & Everyone Can Code programs to learn IT, design, robotics, and computer science.

The rapid advancement of technological innovation, global competition, and a push towards a knowledge-based economy require that our students have a repertoire of soft and hard skills. We therefore place a strong emphasis on technology, character education, and co-curricular activities, forming a truly holistic education for the 21st century.

Through Character Education, we aim to develop high-achieving students who demonstrate virtues such as integrity, honesty, and empathy. At UIS Kuala Lumpur, we believe in creating opportunities for students to develop essential life skills such as creativity, leadership, teamwork, communication, resilience, and an entrepreneurial spirit that will prepare them for the future.

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job
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