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Early Years Teacher

Key Tasks

The Lead Teacher is responsible for all activities in the classroom. In addition to the regular teaching tasks; planning, teaching, observing and reporting, below are specified tasks that are directly linked to the Lead Teacher job description.

Education / Classroom Program

  • Plan and execute an in-class program based on the House of Knowledge Core Values; take an active role in setting medium term plans, weekly plans and daily plans.
  • Follow the International Primary Curriculum in classroom teaching
  • Schedule, plan and execute all classroom fieldtrips, special guests, class events, exchanges, etc., seeking approval and support from the school, and communicating any and all relevant details with the Principal and Operation Manager
  • Be observant of the individual needs of each child, engaging them in activities required to aid them in their personal and positive development of all areas and objectives listed in HoK curriculum
  • Facilitate and conduct student observations using designated methods and forms

Parent Relationships / Communications

  • Prepare and host termly Parent-Teacher development talks and twice a term; Parent Coffees, as scheduled by the Principle
  • Issue weekly Parent News Letter
  • Establish an ongoing and pleasant line of communication with parents, ensuring parents are well-informed of their children and their development
  • Remain professional and approachable for any parent concerns and/or feedback

Budget / Classroom Management

  • Adhere to purchasing and budget guidelines (see Procurement, Purchasing and Inventory Management section)
  • Responsible for reporting maintenance issues and the good-keeping of all classroom equipment (including all toys, books, games, furniture, etc.)
  • Appropriately display all current classroom projects and relevant classroom information
  • Take responsibility for the cleanliness, tidiness and good hygiene of the classroom

Team Management

  • Supervise, instruct, and motivate  teaching team through regular feedback, and positive communication
  • Hold regular meetings with the teaching team to ensure that all team members are on the same page and that task distribution is fair and clear to all team members

School Relationships and Events

  • Work effectively and closely with other teaching and administrative staff in meetings, projects and/or other school events
  • Assist other teachers/classes with the translation of school materials and communications (for example, the weekly Parent News Letter)
  • Participate in extracurricular activities and events included, but not limited to, those listed in the HoK yearly calendar
  • Participate in all professional development opportunities presented by HoK
  • Participate in seasonal decorations of the campus, using student-made decorations for inside classrooms and the designated Holiday Inventory for general campus decorations, as directed by HoK

Student development record

  • To facilitate and conduct ongoing assessment on each child throughout the year. Be prepared for the parents talk about their children’s development at HoK. Make sure the portfolio of each child in the class presents their growth through out the year.
  • Prepare learning stories that document the learning path for each child in her/his classroom


Key Goals

  • Kids are progressing in all aspects of the curriculum, as documented by the observation reports
  • Parents and teachers have a good relationship, and parents are informed about their children and their progress
  • The budget is adhered to without sacrificing quality of education
  • The in-class teaching team are working positively together and are well informed about all school activities
  • The teacher is an active and valuable member of HoK community as a whole



  • Welcomes visitors in the building or classrooms
  • Answers questions professionally and positively for inquiring guests
  • Presents at parents conferences (may or may not be applicable)
  • Follows HOK Staff Handbook, rules and policies and procedures accordingly
  • Responsible for approximately 185 days of instruction and teachers professional development, plus orientation and in-service prior to school starting
  • Demonstrates interest in professional growth and participates in ways to support professional growth
  • Communicates effectively with parents and staff
  • Shows positive attitude to parents and staff
  • Prepares positive and peaceful working environment
  • Arrives at work promptly for scheduled times
  • Keeps school internal information confidentiality
Posted: October 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Beijing , China
December 2018
2 Years
Licensed Teacher, ESL Instructor
Early Childhood
USD 3500

Job Benefits

  • A foreign-managed school with a focus on quality and individual attention to students
  • Continuous professional development in Reggio Emilia and IEYC
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Comprehensive medical coverage
  • Annual flight allowance
  • Paid school holidays
  • Free lunch

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Qualified Early Childhood Educator
  • Musical  and artistic interests are considered valuable  assets
  • Native speaker of the main language taught in their class (conversational in English if they are leading a non-English focused class)
  • Basic computer skills