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Early Years Teacher

International Trilingual School of Warsaw
Warszawa, Poland, Europe
US 1300 - 1500 a month
Provided by the school (flats off campus)
Flights at the beginning and at the end of the contract
Start date
Start August 2024
2 years 10 months
  • Early Childhood
  • Licensed Teacher
  • Associate/2-year Diploma
  • 2 years of teaching experience
  • Teaching Credential/License


  • Fluent English speaker
  • Good command of other languages  is an asset
  • Experience working in a multilingual and multicurricular setting is an asset
  • Early Years certification required 
  • Passionate about education fo 1-3 years olds 
  • Only kind, caring, collaborative teachers need apply
  • Tuition waiver for age-appropriate children 
  • Public and partly private health care 
  • Yearly professional development 
  • Retirement Plan 
  • Meals at the school canteen
  • Polish Languages Classes

The International Trilingual School of Warsaw,  Poland is currently recruiting an Early Years Teacher (1-5 years old) for Mid August 2024.

The main role of the Teacher is to :

  • Teach the curriculum based on the four main fields: literacy, numeracy, science (projects), social and emotional skills
  • Maintain communication with the parents of the assigned grade, 
  • Cooperate with the team of teachers teaching the same (common for all languages) curriculum standards in Polish,French, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

Main Accountabilities: 


  • Planning lessons and sequences of lessons to meet student’s individual learning needs and to ensure students’ progression. 
  • Using a range of appropriate strategies for teaching and learning and classroom management. 
  • Use flexible groupings and structured inquiry to deliver high quality lessons in line with our curriculum.
  • Maintain a well-organized and stimulating learning environment. 
  • Using information about prior attainment to set expectations for students. 
  • Using a range of assessment and reporting methods that show student’s achievement about learning outcomes. 
  • Providing clear and constructive feedback to students and their parents and caregivers. 

Communication with the parents: 

Maintain up-to-date communication aiming to engage parents in their child’s life and cooperate with them on the development of crucial life educational skills

Wider professional roles: 

  • Planning and engaging in professional learning activities that support school and systematic priorities. 
  • Taking responsibility for their professional development and using the outcomes to improve teaching and students’ learning. 
  • Making an active contribution to the policies and aspirations of the school. 
  • Ensuring administration of classroom procedures is completed efficiently. 
  • Collaborating with members of the school community to build a team environment that supports students’ learning. 
This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

The International Trilingual School of Warsaw (ITSW) was founded in reaction to a rising demand for private, international education in Warsaw and a particular need for bilingual and trilingual programs. ITSW has 4 campuses from nursery till upper primary located in Warsaw’s most popular neighborhoods. With instructions from three main language combinations: Spanish/Japanese/French/Chinese + English/Polish. The school has accreditations from high performance organizations around the world that allow our staff and students to excel such us Cambridge, ESSA, …. among others. We offer an innovative approach to the education with the highest quality standards. .

What we do?

The International Trilingual School of Warsaw provides a comprehensive curriculum built on abilities, methods, concepts, knowledge, and application. Students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking, academic, and social skills.

Each student who attends The International Trilingual School of Warsaw, is emerged in 3 languages. This means our students learn subject matter in 3 different languages, essentially as native speakers. In the nursery and preschool curriculum is proportionally taught in three languages but following common standards applied for early education. A student graduation from ITSW can continue his/her studies in any system,in any country because of the curriculums around the world that ITSW follows.

All of our teaching and classroom support staff are qualified, experienced and hold a recognized university degree in their chosen field as well as an appropriate teaching qualification. Around 80% of the instructors on staff at ITSW are from abroad.

ITSW believes in navigating the cross-cultural life of school life is part of the overall learning experience of our students!  

Thanks to our low student to teacher ratio, ITSW teachers are able to adapt their methods and teaching styles to suit the needs of the students. The school's mission is to support students so they can grow into passionate, lifelong global citizens of the future. This is accomplished through a genuine partnership with families, the staff and the community.

''Education should prepare children for the future which is more unpredictable that ever. Languages are not only a door for better opportunities but also a way to improve their neuroplasticity and social skills. We created ITSW at 2001 and since then our programs evolves taking the best from different programs and recognized institutions
around the world so we can offer the best educational offer in the market. We believe in innovation in education so two years ago we were the first school in Poland to offer Asian languages from early years. Aside our
school is in international community of motivated and passionate people in education. We invite you to join Us”.

Anna Maliszewska, Founder and Director of the International Trilingual School of Warsaw .


This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job
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