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ELA Head of Department

Metropolitan School
Cairo, Egypt
Housing allowance provided on a monthly basis
Annual round-trip airfare to/from the home country of record upon completion of the initial contract. 
Start date
Start August 2023
2 years
  • High School
  • Licensed Teacher
  • Master
  • 3 years of teaching experience
  • Education
  • Annual round-trip airfare to/from the home country of record upon completion of the initial contract. 
  • Housing allowance provided every month.


  • Verifying the Unit Planners and Pacing of Teachers;  ensuring teachers are on our pace and not falling behind the other groups, per grade level.  NOTE:  Unit plans can change during the quarter and school year as they are not set in stone.
  • Verifying the Lesson plans are being used;  NOTE:  teachers can have their format but must be able to produce these when being spot checked.
  • Verifying that the HW policy is being followed reasonably and that meaningful HW is being assigned to students, when necessary.
  • Ensuring Vertical and horizontal planning for each curriculum and that the Common Core standards are being adhered to, where appropriate.
  • Verifying that assessments are sufficient in variety and allow students to adequately demonstrate their understandings and are by the grading policy. This entails checking/inspecting Rubrics, tests, quizzes, projects, and percentages.
  • Creating an Assessment policy in collaboration with teachers.
  • Verifying that the progress reports and report cards are evidenced by assessments that the students have done.
  • Verifying that teachers are saving work in Portfolios in preparation for the SLCs.
  • Verifying that appropriate technology is being used in the teaching/learning/assessment process.
  • Conducting teacher observations and Learning Walks which can/will inform the formal evaluations.  NOTE: HODs will not conduct the formal evaluations but their feedback informs the professional development of department members and is part of the final formal evaluation done by the Academic Leadership Team.  Teachers are welcome to observe other teachers too and their HODs, using the same observation tools used in the school, with the spirit of professional learning.
  • Verifying and ensuring that tests, such as MAP, F&P, etc. are actively using the data to inform and differentiate instruction.
  • Sharing a professional article related to best educational practice, at least once per quarter.  Any member of the department may select an article to be shared.
  • Verifying that literacy is part of Learning in each department.
This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

Metropolitan School will deliver an outstanding American education whilst ensuring that Egyptian values are central to school life, stretching the minds of our students to equip them with both a passion for learning and the ambition to make a difference to the local and global communities. All students will have the opportunity to become involved in community service projects making a difference to the lives of people who are less fortunate than themselves. We will educate with the philosophy of building a new generation of entrepreneurs, by encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship.



In an outstanding school environment, Metropolitan School will develop a vibrant community that recognises the value of diversity and inclusion. We will encourage creativity and the spirit of entrepreneurship, challenging our students and ourselves to achieve ever-greater goals. In preparing our students for future prosperity, we will ensure that they understand the value in creating a sustainable world and serving the wider community. Finally, we will ensure that our school is a happy place, where children and our staff, enjoy learning.



Firmly grounded in our Egyptian culture, whilst embracing an international perspective, our values guide our behavior in building a successful community.

Ethics and Manners: Being respectful, demonstrating humility and choosing wisely. Pursuing Excellence: Having high standards and being the best that we can be.

Celebrating Diversity: Expanding our horizons, listening to others and growing together.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Creativity, exploring our passions and taking calculated risks.

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job
Please note that Teach Away provides information on behalf of schools and cannot accept liability for information provided or policies schools may adopt. Be sure to verify all details that apply to you, and check for the latest visa and work permit requirements. For any questions regarding job postings, please contact the school directly. Teach Away believes in diversity and inclusivity, and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and be considered fairly and equally for employment. We ensure all schools we work with adhere to our pledge to promote inclusivity and diversity in education and recruitment practices.

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