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Head of Aquatics

Wellington College China
Shanghai, China
Housing Allowance for expat contracts
Annual Home Leave Flight Allowance for self and eligible dependents.
2 years
  • Licensed Teacher
  • Bachelor
  • 2 years of teaching experience
  • Teaching Credential/License
  • Housing Allowance for expat contracts
  • Annual Home Leave Flight Allowance for self and eligible dependents.

Line Manager: Director of Sport


Core role:

To manage and develop swimming lessons and the learn to swim programme, alongside a competitive swim programme that emphasizes the core values and identity of Wellington Shanghai. To promote swimming and aquatic actives within the school and the wider college community. To support competition at the highest levels whilst encouraging wider participation in swimming and aquatic sports and activities throughout the school.


Main responsibilities

  • Leadership of the aquatics programme at Wellington including strategy formation and management of all key aspects relating to swimming at the College.
  • Developing, training, supporting and promoting swimming as a sport – from top level competitive swimming through to entry level inclusion programmes.
  • To lead on the competitive swim programme throughout the year being the public face of ‘swimming at Wellington’.
  • To act as an advocate and promoter of swimming as a sport generally.
  • To work with academic teams, including the director of higher education, to ensure pupil support for College pathways
  • To help develop (in conjunction with curriculum leaders) swimming lessons as part of the normal PE structure.
  • To teach swimming within the PE department, leading on aspects of curriculum design where possible


Swimming programme development

  • Developing a competitive programme that emphasizes the core values of Wellington College.
  • Prepare and implement a long-term plan for Elite Performance swimming at Wellington. 
  • Coordinate, supervise and develop the swim programme, to include continued growth of the swim team for the school; swimming clinics; technique sessions and long-term planning and evaluation.
  • Organise and oversee team selection.
  • Recruit new swimmers of all age groups and competition levels. To work towards giving all Wellington swimmers the opportunity to represent the College and enjoy all of the benefits of the sport.
  • Development of a long-term swim club structure, delivering a structured approach to move pupils through the learn to swim program, swimming lessons into development squads and ultimately to high-performance levels.
  • Create and structure a Learn to Swim Programme to make sure there is a base in the swimming programme for long term achievement (Pre-Prep).
  • Prepare and coordinate PE Curriculum Swimming assessments for every level.

Before/After school swimming programme

  • Organise and administer the swimming programme for each of the 3 terms in the school year.
  • Coordinate with swim coaches, administrators, lifeguards and school staff. Ensure they are aware of their commitments, session registers and to set targets and expectations for each area of swimming. Ensure that standards of instruction are in consummate with the school’s expectations and high standards and ensure that team philosophy encapsulates the school core values.
  • Coordinate, write and design all the details of the Swimming Programme. To be prepared for the start of each term and present to parents and pupils via email, newsletters and parent conferences.
  • Through liaison with Heads of School, Director of Sport, CCA co-ordinator, provide school team training sessions for each school term.
  • Motivate staff and pupils to fully engage in the programme and encourage a high degree of participation, punctuality and performance from staff and pupils.
  • Arrange swim trials for new pupils and administer via termly time-trials promotion to the next levelled squad.
  • Act as the formal point of communication between Wellington College and parents regarding the swimming programme, dealing with suggestions, requests for changes and grievances.
  • Encourage and develop a ‘Support Crew’ of parents to assist at events and introduce training programs for on-deck jobs and safeguarding courses


  • Overall responsibility for coaching swimming. Ensuring the highest level of quality for all swimmers of all levels.
  • Promote swimming within the school and the wider college community.
  • Plan and conduct the daily coaching of athletes within their personal squads, with focus on technical expertise, physical conditioning and reaching personal goals and targets in training and competition.
  • Design and implement a regular strength training programme for squad members.
  • Motivate, train and direct coaches and swimmers to acquire and maintain a level of physical fitness necessary to compete at the targeted level of competition
  • Co-ordinate and ensure the attendance of athletes at training sessions and competitions. Keeping accurate records of attendance and performance.
  • Oversee the behaviour, discipline and actions of swimmers during practices, competitions and other organized club and school activities in line with the school’s core values and identity.
  • Assist the PE Faculty with cover arrangements for absent staff teaching swimming.
  • Conduct PE Swimming sessions during the school terms

School/International & Local competitions

  • Attend all major school and club swim meets where possible in Shanghai and China as well as international meets.
  • To extend the competition programme outside of the schedule we have followed in the past. Taking the team to new areas of China to compete against schools and swimmers who are new and challenging to the team.
  • Attend all competitions as agreed with BIS committee at the commencement of each swimming season and in consultation with other coaching staff.
  • Organise and coordinate competition administration, ensuring all swimming staff and volunteers are prepared for their duties during competition.

Supervision and Administration

  • Organise the swimming programme at the start of each season. Communicate effectively with parents and pupils of swimming throughout the year.
  • Keep all statistical records regarding training and competition performance throughout the season.
  • Ensure clear communication exists between the coaches, parents and the school swimming programme.
  • Ensure good management of the pupil swim team members, parents, staff and external coaches, including regular contact and communications as necessary.
  • Create a positive and accountable work environment which promotes equality and encourages diversity. • To organise and manage the annual inter-house swim galas across the whole school. • Manage the maintenance and day to day operation of the swimming area, including changing room and all approaches to the pool area.
  • To ensure the highest level of safety standards are maintained and to ensure that a robust Emergency Action Plan exists in the case of an accident or incident and to develop a set of Standard Operating Procedures for all pool users.
  • Assist in the recruitment, coordination, organization and education of coaches to increase the level of proficiency and team effort.
  • To develop and grow a team ethos and spirit. Encouraging each swimmer to be accountable to the team and to respect each athlete for their individual performances at whatever level they compete. To appreciate and recognise everyone’s contribution to the success of the team.
This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

Wellington College China is a partner of Wellington College in England.  It has five schools and two nurseries in China, all in exciting, international cities.   Our schools provide an outstanding education for 2,150 local and international children aged between 2 and 18 years old.

Success in public examinations is important and we celebrate it. However, at Wellington College, excellent exam results and great university destinations, in the UK and worldwide, are only part of the picture. We want our pupils to be the very best people that they can be: to be kind, to have integrity in their actions, to take responsibility when necessary, to have respect for their environment, for others and themselves, and finally to show courage when needed. The Wellington values frame the way we think about what it is be a Wellingtonian, including the ways we work and what we hope to become.

Our Huili Schools combine Wellington’s holistic, British approach to educating the whole child, with the enduring strengths of the Chinese curriculum and focus on learning.  We talk about giving our pupils the best of both worlds.  Half our lessons are in English and half in Chinese.  Half our teachers are English-speakers and half are Chinese.  It is our desire to imbue every pupil with our five core values: courage, integrity, respect, kindness and responsibility. We encourage and expect our Chinese pupils to develop the Wellington identity: to be inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive.   

Wellington College International Shanghai

Huili School Shanghai

Huili Nursery Shanghai

Wellington College International Hangzhou

Huili School Hangzhou

Huili Nursery Hangzhou

Wellington College International Tianjin

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

One of the world's most powerful nations, China's cultural contributions have influenced history and human development for thousands of years. Teach Away offers ESL teaching jobs in reputable language schools as well as licensed teaching jobs across China.

Beijing, China
Standard Mandarin
Renminbi (yuan) (¥)
Buddhism, Taoism
Varied: wet/dry seasons
Land area - 3.7 million sq. miles (9.6 million sq. km)
This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

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