Math Teacher - Mobile - Alabama

  • Establishes objectives and plans learning experiences.
  • Implements activities using a variety of techniques that utilize instructional time to meet objectives.
  • Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior to achieve a functional learning atmosphere.
  • Exhibits positive human relations skills.
  • Evaluates the educational program and/or student progress.
  • Communicates with parents/guardians, colleagues, and community groups.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in written and oral communication.
  • Maintains and submits records and reports.
  • Adheres to school system rules, administrative procedures, local board policies, and state and federal rules and regulations.
  • Engages in personal professional growth and demonstrates professional ethics and leadership.
  • Implements Behavioral Intervention Plans and Functional Behavioral Assessments for all students, both disabled and non-disabled.
  • Possesses physical ability to train and/or assist staff in physical management of students in crisis.
  • Assists students by using behavioral strategies, positive reinforcements, social skills, peer facilitation and peer training for the purpose of teaching appropriate social behaviors in accordance with students’ social and behavioral learning goals.
  • Gathers, compiles and prepares data of observations of student performance in academic and school activities for the purpose of monitoring and reporting progress with identified goals.
  • Assists students with adaptive and other self-care needs as required for the purpose of maximizing their independence and assimilation within the school environment.
  • Engages in on-going professional development in the areas of positive student behavior interventions and supports.
Posted: October 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Mobile, Alabama, South, USA
June 2019
Licensed Teacher
Elementary, Middle School

Qualifications and Requirements


Must have appropriate valid Alabama Teaching Certificate for the position advertised.