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MS Literature/ ELA Teacher

Job Purpose

Provide instructional guidance to students in Literature/ English Language Arts courses in grades 6-8 while actively contributing to our students and school through associated roles expected of a holistic professional educator in a dynamic system dedicated to honor, excellence, community and joy.


Job Duties

  • Teaching and Learning Standards
  • Teach a minimum of 20 teaching hours, serve as a substitute when needed
  • Promote and maintain academic integrity and established school standards
  • Implement a variety of instructional methods that utilizes multiple media
  • Contribute to building the department through peer observations, evaluations, and curriculum development
  • Actively measure student learning and adapt as needed to ensure learning outcomes
  • Communication
  • Proactively communicate with parents and students in the following ways:
  • Establishing clear, consistent class expectations
  • Maintaining constant contact regarding grades and progress
  • Utilizing school-established email system and protocols for setting appointments and sending or receiving official communications
  • Contribute to the department goals and meetings
  • Maintain lesson plans and load them to the school designated platform
  • Professional Development
  • Demonstrate self-motivation by seeking professional development opportunities:
  • Utilizing department resources to improve and enhance classroom instruction
  • Pursuing online webinars or other resources
  • Researching opportunities at local international schools
  • Contribute to enhancing the teaching community at SMIC by:
  • Attending and participating in in-house workshops
  • Engage peers through class observations and collaboration
  • Being punctual and attentive to all faculty and department meetings
  • Community
  • Promote and support school-sponsored, extra-curricular activities and events
  • Supervise students in the following:
  • Supporting advisors on field trips
  • Monitoring student behavior throughout the school campus, especially on duty assignments
  • Assisting with student safety by supporting the discipline guidelines established by the Student Affairs Office
  • Volunteer and serve on committees
  • Student Academic Life
  • Evaluate student progress and adjust lessons to ensure student mastery
  • Support the Academic Affairs Office with students on academic probation and implementing the plan established by the Academic Affairs Director
  • Evaluate student progress through standardized assessments
  • Sponsor and contribute to academic events
  • Encourage academic excellence by recognizing student achievements
  • Promote the use of technological resources in pursuit of competitive global competencies and in accordance with school-established guidelines
Posted: September 2018
This is a Direct to School Job
Beijing, China
September 2019
2 years
Licensed Teacher
Middle School

Job Benefits

  • Salary Scale: RMB 18,000+ BA, plus qualifications RMB 20,000+ MA, plus qualifications RMB 22,000+ Admin, plus qualifications
  • Annual Bonuses: A Chinese New Year bonus at 50%-120% of monthly salary and an annual 10% raise of the yearly salary (Both based on performance)
  • Up to 60% tuition reimbursement *terms apply
  • Airfare: One round trip ticket for employee and dependents 12,000 per year stipend for home visit
  • Visas: Legal Working Visa Dependent Visas for family HR Staff assists through the whole process
  • Relocation: USD 1,000/ single USD 2,000/ family Assistance in resettling
  • Vacation: 7 weeks paid summer vacation 5 weeks paid winter vacation
  • Insurance: Medical, Dental and Evacuation for employee and dependents, Long Term Disability, Life
  • Continuing Education: Individual PD Allowance - 60% Tuition Reimbursement In-house Collaborative PD
  • Housing: On campus housing Subsidized housing (Dependant on availability)
  • Holidays: Paid public Chinese holidays, Short Christmas break, Short New Year's Eve break
  • Leave Allowance: Personal, Marriage, Bereavement, Emergency, Child Adoption, Maternity, and Paternity Leave 5 Days Annual Leave

Qualifications and Requirements

Teaching Credential/License
  • Two years teaching experience is a must, but we will consider student teaching and summer teaching positions to add up to those two years of teaching
  • Applicants from Singapore, Hong Kong and China must be fluent or near-native English speakers