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Online Talent and Hobby Instructor

Mimmy Inc
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  • Licensed Teacher, College/University Faculty, University Graduate, ESL Instructor
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Rather than qualifications, we look for people with the right personality to make an adventure fun. What we need is:


Passionate people can get the kids deeply interested in their adventure. Are you passionate about your hobby, your city, etc? We want to hear from you. Interactiveness and engaging activities
Our adventures let the kids join in and not simply watch. The ability to interact with the kids is an essential skill for us. 


Are you friendly, personable, and able to get the kids excited to join you? Great! Read on and let’s go!


Between ¥1000-2200 Per 10 minute adventure.
In USD, that's roughly between $8-17 USD*

*At the rate on the day of publishing, April 2022

The fine details:
¥1000JPY base pay per peradventure, plus ¥60JPY per participant (max 20).

We also do adventures live in elementary schools which are paid slightly higher.

  • Book from our calendar at times to suit you
  • Work online from anywhere
  • Each session is 10 minutes

Give the kids a cultural experience! Show off your hobby and allow them to have fun.

We are an online educational entertainment service for children. We provide 10 minutes of live communication from all over the world and give away a unique experience to the kids every day. Whatever is special about your country, your hobbies and skills are the content and the joy of the children who join.

The role:

  • Provide 10-minute online learning experiences via zoom
  • Up to 8x per week
  • Show the kids what you are passionate about
  • The kids become interested in your hobby and as an indirect result learn about your culture. They also have a chance to practice their English ability in the real world.
  • Because they learn through natural experience, the sessions should not be related to "education". They should not have a specific goal of "learning" anything, Naturally speaking to you in itself provides them the English practice and cultural exchange we are after. Content should therefore prioritize fun over all else.
  • Each week, choose from our calendar times that suit your adventures.

Our concept:

“Untap children’s potential through world culture”.
・We are an online educational service helping kids learn about the world. Kids can learn more just by speaking to and having more fun with someone from another country than a lesson ever could.
・We run adventures broadcast directly at Japanese elementary schools, and also for them to join from home.

What should the content be about?

We need your help to keep our children interested in the world. Introduce them to your skills, your passions, the best scenery, your local festivals, and more. Kids come to visit every day. They will want to be your friend and learn more about what happens around the world.

Adventure examples: Doing magic with the kids, showing them how to do arts/crafts, participation-based performance, building lego together, showing places in your area live, showing them how to do something (like juggling, etc), playing interactive games, and more.

Most importantly, please note this is not an English lesson. We just want the kids to learn naturally through having fun. Content that seems like a lesson will not be accepted.


This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

Our mission is to expand the "children's world" on a global scale.

Through Mimmy, we realize contact with people with different values ​​and cultures, and foster children's "power to survive in society."

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job
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