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Job Post Banner Secondary School Science Teacher

Secondary School Science Teacher

Generations International School
Macau, Macau
US 3300 - 4500 a month
Economy one way ticket to employee from current location to HK/Macau;
Start date
1 year
  • Middle School
  • University Graduate, Licensed Teacher
  • Bachelor
  • 2 years of teaching experience
  • Science Education or a Related Field


  • Bachelor's degree in Science Education or a related field; a Master's degree is preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience teaching science at the secondary level, preferably with grades 7 and 8 students.
  • Peferred experience with IBMYP, and teaching in English.
  • Strong knowledge of the middle school science curriculum and pedagogical approaches to teaching science concepts effectively.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to engage students, parents, and colleagues effectively.
  • Ability to differentiate instruction to meet the diverse learning styles and abilities of students.
  • Passion for science education and a commitment to fostering a love for learning in students.
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail in planning and delivering effective science lessons.
  • Christmas Allowance: Amount equals half of the monthly remuneration, being paid in the November payroll;
  • Holiday Allowance (only applicable to renewal of contract): Amount equals half of the monthly remuneration, being paid in the June payroll
  • Shipping Allowance: MOP2,000.00 (Paid based on usage);
  • 7-day hotel stay upon first arrival in Macau;
  • All teachers at Generations International School are eligible for the Macau SAR Government monthly subsidy, payable every 4 months; The amount of this subsidy depends on the years of experience of the teacher, and ranges between a minimum of MOP5,000 and a maximum of MOP11,448 (amounts based on the full number of weekly hours taught);
  • Annual Leave: 22 days after the last working day of the academic year;
  • Sick Leave: 6 days per calendar year after probation.

End of Service Benefits:

  • Air Ticket: An economy one-way ticket to the employee only from HK/Macau to the country of origin;
  • Shipping Allowance: MOP2,000.00 (Paid based on usage).


    • Plan and deliver engaging and interactive science lessons to students in grades 7 and 8, following the curriculum guidelines.
    • Create a positive and inclusive learning environment that fosters student curiosity and critical thinking in the field of science.
    • Develop and implement lesson plans, instructional materials, and assessments to meet the diverse learning needs of students.
    • Utilize a variety of teaching strategies and resources to enhance student understanding of scientific concepts and principles.
    • Conduct experiments, demonstrations, and hands-on activities to promote active learning and student engagement.
    • Manage the science laboratory, including organizing and maintaining equipment, materials, and supplies for conducting experiments and practical activities.
    • Assess student progress through formative and summative assessments, providing feedback to students and parents on academic performance.
    • Collaborate with colleagues, parents, and school administrators to support student learning and development.
    • Participate in professional development opportunities to enhance teaching skills and stay current with advancements in science education.
    This is a Direct to School Job
    This is a Direct to School Job

    Generations International School is a modern and innovative educational project, resulting in a Portuguese-inspired international educational institution, supported by two fundamental pillars:

    Trilingual Project

    English as the first language, Portuguese, and Chinese; Knowledge of the respective cultures and worlds, particularly about Portuguese-speaking countries; Customized Portuguese program developed by the school’s qualified staff; Multiple international partnerships in the arts, and the English and Chinese languages.

    Finnish Methodology

    An appropriate balance between the excellence of the learning and teaching process and the healthy development of students. Truly holistic perspective, with a strong focus on wellbeing; Focus on the best international curricula and methodologies, namely through the integration into the SISU SCHOOLS network marked by the rigor and innovation of the Finnish curriculum and teaching methodologies; Adapted to the educational requirements of its students with each student having an Individual Learning Plan; In full respect of the guidelines emanating from the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Government.

    The School is intended for students from K1 to S6, corresponding to a range between 3 to 17 years of age. In the first year of operation, 2023-24, the School will begin by offering Kindergarten and Primary education, with the opening of the Secondary levels scheduled for the following year(s).


    Vision and Mission

    Generations proposes to help create citizens with an open mind, who are creative and supportive, capable of engaging in continuous and flexible learning. The aim is to lead them to their future journey of unique discoveries, not only for their sense of achievement but also collectively, as instruments for achieving the objectives of peace, cooperation, and development.

    This is a Direct to School Job
    This is a Direct to School Job

    Teaching in Macau is possible in both international schools and language institutes. In order to teach English in Macau, teachers are encouraged to complete a TEFL certificate to have the best chance of successfully obtaining an English teaching job.

    Teachers who apply for jobs in Macau’s international schools may need a valid teaching license from their home state or country. Most teaching jobs in Macau, whether ESL jobs or license teaching jobs, will require 1-2 years of previous experience.

    Cantonese, Portuguese
    Macanese pataca (MOP)
    29 square kilometers
    This is a Direct to School Job
    This is a Direct to School Job
    Please note that Teach Away provides information on behalf of schools and cannot accept liability for information provided or policies schools may adopt. Be sure to verify all details that apply to you, and check for the latest visa and work permit requirements. For any questions regarding job postings, please contact the school directly. Teach Away believes in diversity and inclusivity, and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and be considered fairly and equally for employment. We ensure all schools we work with adhere to our pledge to promote inclusivity and diversity in education and recruitment practices.

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