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Special Education Director

Bullhead Elementary School District
Start August 2020
  • Licensed Teacher
  • Master
  • Teaching Credential/License
  • Valid Arizona K-12 Principal certificate
  •  Valid School Psychologist Certificate preferred
  •  A master’s degree, with academic training in special education (undergraduate or graduate)
  •  A minimum of three years’ experience in public education, part of which must have been in teaching or supervising in the area of special education.
  • Salary: $  69,000.00 to $72,750.00
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement plan

Reports to: Superintendent

Supervises: Special Education Services Programs

Job goal: To provide sound educational programs and services for students who cannot benefit sufficiently from general education classrooms.

Performance responsibilities

  • Coordinate all special education programs in the district.
  • Establish procedures to process and provide special education services for eligible pupils from admission to release.
  • Implement curriculum and program planning and pre-service and in-service training of the program.
  • Research the status of state financial aid for special education programs.
  • Develop budget recommendations and provide control on expenditures for special education.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of special education programs, facilities, curriculum, learning activities, materials and supplies, parent relationships, and teaching practices in meeting students’ Individual Education Plans.
  • Develop required and needed programs for students with cognitive and physical disabilities through long-term planning.
  • Assist in developing plans for physical facilities in establishing building eligibility, and make recommendation on design, furnishings, and equipment.
  • Contribute to the development of the District Mission and Vision statements.
  • Assist in the development of school policies to include special education needs.
  • Recommend policies and programs essential to the need of special education students.
  • Keep informed of all legal requirements governing special education programs.
  • Provide leadership in establishing new programs and developing improved understanding of existing programs.
  • Develop, monitor, and analyze survey programs for continuous identification of students with disabilities.
  • Develop procedures for referral, access to medical reports, psychological examination, and placement.
  • Assist in recruitment, selection, and recommendation for hiring of any special education personnel.
  • Assume responsibility for compiling, maintaining, and filing all reports and records legally required or administratively useful. 
  • Develop and maintain complete and cumulative individual records of all students receiving special education services.
  • Supervise preparation of attendance reports and similar data necessary for reimbursement of funds, collection of tuition for out-of-district students, and similar fiscal matters.
  • Interpret the objectives and programs of the special education services to the Board, the administration, the staff, and the public.
  • Evaluate on an on-going basis, the effectiveness of the total special education program, curriculum, procedures, and individual student’s needs and achievements.
  • Organize and coordinate research relating to problems in the education of students with disabilities.
  • Assist in the development of special education summer programs and services.
  • Consult with and support special education teachers and other personnel.
  • Consult with parents of students enrolled in the special education programs as needed.
  • Arrange for admission to and release from the homebound program for those students whose need for such instruction is temporary.
  • Coordinate for admission to and transition from the Life Academy program for those students whose need for such instruction is temporary.
  • Supervise the operation of the Life Academy program, including coaching and professional development of the Life Academy personnel.
  • Schedule and assign psychologists and speech therapists.
  • Arrange with other school districts for the education of those students with disabilities who could be better-served in another district.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development on writing of all grants for special education.
  • Conduct psychological testing and evaluations as needed and as qualified.
  • Assume responsibility for own professional growth and development; for keeping current with relevant research, literature, and improved techniques; and for attending appropriate professional meetings.
  • Perform and assume responsibility for other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent.

Terms of Employment: Twelve months per year with a one-year contract. Salary to be established with the Board.

Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Administrative Personnel.

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job

The Bullhead City Elementary School District was founded in 1947, with the building of a one room, "Little Red School House." The district now includes six schools, one pre-school, three elementary, one middle school and one junior high school. Our modern facilities serve approximately 3,000 students, pre-kindergarten through eighth grades.

This is a Direct to School Job
This is a Direct to School Job