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Teach in Sweden

Teaching is a highly valued profession in Sweden. Regulations within the country ensure that all teachers are highly qualified and trained.

Surrounded by thousands of coastal islands, lakes, forests, and mountains, Sweden hosts a variety of activities to fill your weekends and holidays.

teaching in sweden

Public Schools in Sweden

The vast majority of schools in Sweden are municipally run, although the number of independent schools that are publicly funded (also known as charter schools) has increased in recent years.

Teachers wishing to teach in Sweden’s public school system must have a Bachelor’s degree in Education, a teaching certification that certifies the teacher to teach specific subjects and grade levels and adequate proficiency in the Swedish language. Teachers with a foreign teaching certification can apply to the National Agency for Education (Skolverket) for a Swedish teacher certification.

Finally, teaching positions in Sweden are rarely advertised online, which means that you will likely have to begin your job search upon your arrival to the country.

teaching in sweden

Private Schools in Sweden

Individuals without a teaching certificate may qualify for ESL teaching positions with a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate. Private English language schools typically cater to the business English market, which can be highly competitive, as schools prefer their teachers to be highly qualified, with a business background and fluent in Swedish. Opportunities for inexperienced and unlicensed teachers in the country are slim-to-none, but not impossible if you have the right contacts.

It’s important to consider Swedish work visa eligibility. As with most EU countries, it will be far easier for an individual holding an EU passport to secure a work visa and employment than an individual with a foreign passport.

teach in sweden

Teaching Jobs in Sweden – Salary and Benefits

Basic Benefits Public School Jobs in Sweden Private School Jobs in Sweden
Salary $28,000 – $34,000 USD $1500 – $3000 USD/month
Teaching Hours 34.5 hours per week Varies by school
Vacation Minimum 5 weeks Minimum 5 weeks
Class Size 20 Varies by school
Accommodation Cost Paid for by the teacher Paid for by the teacher
Airfare Covered by teacher Covered by teacher
Bonuses Varies by school Varies by school
Start Dates September and January Hiring occurs throughout the year

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Sweden at a glance

Country information

Capital: Stockholm

Language: Swedish

Population: 9.593 million

Currency: Swedish Krona

Government: Parliamentary democracy & constitutional monarchy

Major religion: Christian

Climate: Temperate

Quick facts

50% of Sweden is covered by forests.

A traditional and famous dish of Sweden is Swedish meatballs, served with gravy, boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam.

Sweden has the lowest income inequality rate in the world.