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You could be the perfect teach abroad candidate, but simple mistakes on your application could cost you your dream job. Take your time when filling out the application and read the instructions carefully to ensure the information you’re providing is correct and complete. These are four key areas to check over before you click the ‘submit’ button:

Make sure you meet the job requirements

Teach Away recruits for some of the most prestigious schools in the world, and these institutions are looking to meet very specific needs. Read our job postings thoroughly for role requirements. For example, a newly qualified teacher applying for a high school science teaching position in Abu Dhabi, which requires 2+ years of teaching experience, can not be considered for the role. Vacancies are always opening up for teachers of all levels of experience, so don’t worry if you can’t find a position that suits you today.

Make sure your application is 100% complete

Every section of the application is included for a reason! We need all the information we’re requesting, however insignificant it may seem. We need to make sure you’re a suitable candidate for the position or in order to match you to your ideal teaching job abroad. Any gaps or missing details on the form really can make the difference between your application moving forward or failing at the starting blocks.

Polish your resume

Take a look at our recent resume advice blog for tips on how to improve yours and bring it up to date. A great teacher resume is clean and simple in design and presents the most relevant information about your education, training and experience in a concise and well laid out format. Make sure all dates and positions are in order and accounted for, with the most recent first. Remember the golden rule of resumes: always keep it under two pages long.

Upload your photo

Including a photograph of yourself with a job application is common practice in many overseas countries. Not including a photo at the first stage won’t mean you’ll miss out, but causes unnecessary issues later in the application process, when providing a photo will be mandatory. Employers like to put a face to a name and get a sense of who you are. We like to see clear, simple headshots of applicants looking directly at the camera. Don’t add filters or effects. And don’t forget to smile!

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