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Little girl learning in an ESL classroom.

This program is no longer offered.

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Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten school-age learning programs.

GDA Language Program

GDA’s instructional programs are among the most comprehensive and effective programs available. Children learn through a matrix of formal instruction, games, plays, story book readings and activities that make English language learning fun as children are led to experience through activities and to fulfill their curiosity through discovery.

GDA Language Program

At GDA, children benefit from caring teachers, creative programs and innovative activities that coincide with each child’s individual interests, talents and development. GDA is recognized for its developmentally appropriate learning programs that promote the social, cognitive and physical development of children, while allowing them to learn at their own pace.

GDA Teachers

GDA accepts applications throughout the year. Applicants must be native English speakers from a country where English is the native language and have graduated with a 4 year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. GDA seeks teachers with the following attributes:

Orientation and Teacher Training

Initial orientation and training for teachers are held for approximately one week. The orientation gives information on GDA’s programs and policy. Training includes instruction on GDA’s teaching philosophy and methodology, and practical teaching skills. Teachers will learn how to deliver a lesson, use supplemental aids and classroom management techniques, as well as observe actual classes.

Orientation and Teacher Training

Teaching Materials

Teachers are provided with textbooks and manuals. An extensive library of resource books, supplemental materials, visual aids, and educational tools are available to help teachers exercise their creativity while staying within the parameters of the curriculum.

Teaching Materials

Students, class size and class times

The age groups of students range from pre-school to middle school. The maximum number of students allowed in a class is 10. Morning classes are held 5 days a week. Afternoon classes meet 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or 2 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday).

Students, class size and class times

GDA Seocho Campus

GDA Seocho is located south of the Han River on the border between Seocho-Gu and Kangnam-Gu in an area commonly referred to as Kangnam. Kangnam was urbanized in the latter half of the 1970s and is a combined residential, business and entertainment area. In recent years the area has taken on more importance as more and more businesses relocate to the newer part of the city. At present it is recognized as the ‘new’ or ‘second’ downtown. The area offers many fine arts, shopping, dining (both western and native), entertainment and recreational venues. The school is located a 10 minute walk from Kangnam Station. Kangnam Station is one of Seoul’s major dining and entertainment areas, and is a convenient hub for travel to other parts of the city.

GDA Seocho Campus

GDA Seocho Campus Class Schedule

GDA Bundang Campus

A satellite city of Seoul, Bundang is a newly developed area that boasts high educational standards and a modern style of living for the 21st century. Bundang is located 30-45 minutes from the Kangnam area of Seoul and has convenient transportation to and from the city center. It is known for its calm and peaceful areas. Due to its recent development it is also virtually pollution-free. GDA Bundang is also conveniently located near Yooldong Park. Built around a reservoir, Yooldong Park has scenic promenades, flower gardens, children’s playgrounds, a library, bicycle track and a jogging track. It is an ideal place to unwind.

GDA Bundang Campus

Teaching Employment Benefits

Teaching Employment Benefits

Teaching hours and days

  • Seocho: Approximately 29 hours per week (44 40-minute blocks.)
  • Bundang: 30 hours per week (45 40-minute periods.)
  • Workdays: Monday through Friday


The pay scale is determined by the teacher’s educational background and related work experience. The basic monthly salary is guaranteed. Any classes taught in excess of the base contract hours are paid at the overtime rate.

Severance pay

Upon completion of a one year contract, one month’s base salary is paid as severance payment.


An economy-class ticket from the nearest international airport to Seoul is sent to the teacher. The return ticket back to the point of origin is provided upon completion of the contract. Teachers may opt to receive 800,000 KRW in lieu of the return ticket back to their point of origin.


Single furnished housing within walking distance to the school is provided. Teachers are responsible for payment of monthly utilities and building maintenance fees.

Medical Insurance

Medical coverage through Korean National Health Insurance is provided. Payment of premiums is evenly divided between the teacher and the school.

Sick days and emergency leave

A total of 30 40-minute blocks of paid sick/emergency leave per contract year is provided.

Buy back program

Upon completion of the contract, any unused sick/emergency leave will be bought back by the school at the regular rate.


Teachers receive approximately 10 days of vacation time per contract year. Vacations are regularly scheduled during the summer and winter breaks. In addition, all national holidays are observed.

National Pension

All teachers contribute to the National Pension Plan. Deductions from teacher’s salary towards the national pension plan are matched by the school. The accumulated money in the teacher’s pension plan is paid out by the National Pension Plan when employment in Korea is completed.

Looking for ESL teaching jobs in South Korea?

GDA Junior is no longer offered. Check out the current roles available in South Korea for ESL teachers and apply to teach English in Korea today through Teach Away.

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