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Get hired with your TEFL certification (with job postings)

Earning your TEFL certification has the potential to drastically boost the trajectory of your career in education. It opens up doors to the international teaching world and allows you to gain global experience that will prove to be impactful in future career moves – both abroad and at home.

But if a TEFL certification is such a powerful resume addition, how come all international positions don’t require candidates to have one?

The answer to this question might vary slightly from one hiring body to another, but can largely be summarized by the fact that there is no international body for the recognition of ESL certificates. As a result, TEFL, TESL, and TESOL qualifications are interpreted by hiring schools and organizations based on their issuing institution and number of online learning or classroom hours. In turn, it’s difficult for all overseas job advertisers to ask for specific ESL requirements  when there are so many emerging and unique qualifications. In cases where a certification such as TEFL is not specifically required, it is always noticed and beneficial to the applicant.

This is not to suggest that there are minimal employers seeking educators with ESL training. There are lots. One organization in particular, called English First, is in need of certified TEFL- or TESL-certified teachers.

About English First

English First jobs allow educators to teach English overseas with one of China’s most reputable language schools. With ESL jobs in cities across China, English First is a great opportunity for teachers to explore some of the world’s most dynamic cities while teaching overseas.

ESL jobs with English First

ESL Teachers – English First China

Online ESL Teachers – English First China

Get TEFL certified online

Still need to get your ESL certification? Get certified with the University of Toronto TEFL Online.


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