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By Dorothee Rembold

Teaching abroad in the United Arab Emirates is an adventure, both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers living in the Middle East will want to take advantage of the opportunity to travel in the UAE. A week-long UAE travel itinerary might look something like this:

Day 1 – Abu Dhabi

To begin your travel in the UAE, find out more about what this country was like before the discovery of oil. The Heritage Village features a recreated Souk (market), a traditional mosque, and workshops that bring the life of an Emirati craftsman to life. Next, discover the luxury brought by black gold and visit the Emirates Palace. Admission to the lobby and exhibitions of this glamorous seven star hotel is free – and don’t miss the gold vending machine! You can finish your day with an evening tour of the breathtaking Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Day 2 – Ancient Dubai

The Bastakiya Quarter was established at the end of the 19th century by merchants and traders. A stroll through the neighborhood will give you the chance to see wind towers, beautiful courtyard houses, the old city wall, art galleries, and many Emirati restaurants.

Day 3 – Modern Dubai

Dubai’s modern architectural structures give the city a futuristic feel. Take a day to explore the tallest and most impressive places in Dubai. Don’t miss out on the Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s seven star hotel also referred to as “The Sail,” and the world’s highest tower, Burj Khalifa, which has a viewing platform on the 124th floor. This is also your time to explore Dubai’s enormous malls: the Mall of the Emirates features Ski Dubai, an indoor ski slope.

Day 4 – Natural Wonders

Spending all day in the city can be exhausting, and traveling in the UAE means discovering its vast landscape as well. You can do so by taking a desert safari. The 4×4 sand driving may shake you up a bit, but the view, the opportunity to ride a camel, and the sand dunes will be worth the trip.

Day 5 – Treat Yourself

If you haven’t had enough time to truly discover Dubai’s shopping locations, use this day to catch up on your shopping. Make sure to include a visit to the Gold Souk and the Souk Madinat Jumeirah. You will find the Jumeirah Beach right around the corner, so as the temperature begins to cool, enjoy the sand and the view of Dubai’s beautiful skyline.

Days 6  and 7 – Beaches

Fujairah, only a two hour drive from Dubai, is a great way to round up your Emirati adventure with some time at the beach. Several resorts line the shore in Fujairah, and adventurous travelers can enjoy a trip to Khor Kalba, a tucked-away beach rich in natural beauty where vacationers can explore mangroves and observe turtles.

Traveling through the United Arab Emirates offers tourists a glimpse of this country of sand, oil and gorgeous beaches. What will you explore on your Emirati adventure?

Dorothee Rembold is an intern at Teach Away Inc.

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