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bachelor of education graduate looking on laptop for online teaching jobs

Have you been dancing around the idea of being an online teacher for some time?

Perhaps you like the idea of having the freedom to work anywhere in the world that you desire. Or, you prefer to work from home, and crave flexibility in your work-life balance.

The question is, where and how do you start to pursue this ideal lifestyle? 

If you are someone that holds a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in Education, ready to take the next step in your career, you have come to the right place. 

The life of an educator is a beautiful and rewarding career path, as you are able to contribute to the growth and development of your students. 

And so, the time has finally come for you to begin your career as a teacher. 

The great news is that there are an abundance of online teaching jobs available.

It’s up to you to decide what school and education system you want to invest your time into. 

In this article we lay out a full list of options for you to choose from, whether you have a degree in Education or not! 

Online Teaching Jobs with a Bachelor of Education Degree

With a Bachelor’s of Education, there are tons of choices to choose from!

Depending on your specific interests and who you desire to teach, there is something available for you. 

Here is a list of options. 

K12 Online Teacher

A K12 online teacher is a great place to start if you are looking to transition out of traditional teaching or to start a side gig. 

This is the closest job to what you may already be familiar with in the classroom. 

As a K12 teacher, you will take attendance, assignment homework, offer feedback to students and parents, and so much more. 

And regardless of the job being virtual, you can still interact with your students on a daily basis, continuing to offer support in a personal, one-on-one capacity. 

Adult Education Online Teacher

Teaching adults is another option for the online classroom. 

And one of the most popular ways to teach adults online is to teach English!

Of course, you can also choose to teach other subjects, such as helping adults get their GED, enhance digital or workplace skills.

If you’re ready to branch out from a younger audience, applying for an adult-focused online teaching job is a great place to start. 

Online English Teacher

No matter what age group of students you prefer to teach, teaching English online is always a great choice for online teaching.

This is a particularly great choice if you enjoy teaching, reading and expanding other’s English communication skills. 

Teaching English online can also be taught around the world, so you can add some excitement and newness to your own life in the process. 

Online Tutoring

Being an online tutor is a fantastic option for you, especially if you prefer one-to-one teaching.

You can meet with your students on a weekly basis via video and tutor them on a wide array of subjects. 

Online tutoring provides you with an opportunity to get creative in the classroom, encouraging you to bring in your own curriculum and lesson plans. 

Online Teaching Jobs with a Degree Other Than Education

If you’ve got a Bachelor’s degree in something else besides Education, such as Math, Science, or Instructional Design, there are still online teaching opportunities available for you to apply to. 

Many of these jobs are a great choice if you are also looking for a way to get away from teaching, but you still want to be involved in the world of education. 

If you’re new to the classroom and want to dip your toes into teaching, these jobs are the perfect place to start! 

College-Level Online Teaching Faculty

If you hold a Master’s degree, then teaching as a part-time adjunct professor might be a great fit for you.

You can teach video or non-video classes, and you can even choose between pre-recording or live lessons. 

One of the great benefits of being an online adjunct professor is being able to teach multiple classes, so you don’t have to teach the same course each day.

Course Developer

If you’ve got a degree or experience in computer programming or project management, then a course developer position is worth looking into. 

A course developer creates e-learning materials that benefit educational institutions, as well as non-education companies that require training materials (i.e. engineering organizations).  

This is a terrific choice if you like to create your own curriculum and resources while also sharing your existing wealth of knowledge. 

Instructional Designer

A career path as an Instructional Designer is a terrific opportunity for you to create a unique set of training curriculum, educating company’s employees in your field of expertise. You will be required to create lessons, objects and assessments. 

You are someone that has a lot of knowledge about your niche area of expertise, and you have a lot of organizational skills to share. 

Having a natural ability to communicate your ideas with clarity will be a valuable asset in this career path. 

This is a fantastic way to remain connected with the world of education without having to do the teaching yourself.

Subject Matter Expert

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is someone who is extremely knowledgeable about a piece of technology, a process, or a service. 

Rather than writing curriculum, you would be employed as a fact checker. 

Your job would be to make sure documents, presentations, outlines, and ebooks contain accurate information about your field of expertise. 

This job doesn’t require much teaching, but editing and clear communication are essential skill sets to hold. You will be required to educate individuals that know nothing about the particular subject matter. 

Finding that perfect job

Whether you are looking to use your degree in Education or you have never completed one, there is an opportunity and a job out there that is perfectly aligned for you. 

We encourage you to take that first step and start searching for the perfect online teaching job! 

A great place to start is on Teach Away’s online job portal.

And if you have successfully found a job or have suggestions for prospective job seekers, we highly encourage you to share with us and join the conversation with Teach Away on Twitter @teachaway.

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