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A New and Improved Application Portal

Teach Away launched a newer version of its application portal in February. Check out the simpler, sleeker portal, and make sure your application details are up to date!

New applicants:

 1. Register at teacher/register with an email address and password

 2. Create a profile with your personal details, contact information, and basic information regarding your preferences and qualifications.

 3. Once you have created your profile, you will be prompted to upload your resume.

 4. After this stage, your application is started, but you are not yet being considered for jobs. To do that, you must fill in and complete the sections for your education, past experience, and certificates.

 5. A note on completing sections: in order to let the Teach Away placement coordinators know that you have entered all of your relevant information, you must manually tick off each section as complete.

In order to do so, please click on the link that says “I have added all my degrees” or “I have added all my experience.” You will then be prompted to tick the box of the section of you have completed. At this point, your Teach Away placement coordinator will know that your application is ready for review.

 6. Once your application is more than 70% complete, you will enter a review stage, and your application will be considered for positions matching your qualifications and experience.

 7. A placement coordinator will be in touch if you are under consideration for positions matching your qualifications and preferences.


Previous applicants:

Your information should not have been affected by the switch to the new portal. However, to be sure that your application is as up-to-date as possible, we recommend making sure that each section is manually “completed” (see Step 5 above).

Teach Away is always searching for ways to improve our user experience.  We’re confident that these updates will make the process smoother for all of our aspiring teachers.

Canada Observes Anti-Bullying Day

February 27th marked “Pink Shirt Day” in Canada, also known as Anti-Bullying Day. The observance began as a protest against bullying in Nova Scotia and spread to other Canadian provinces soon after. Participants don pink shirts to symbolize a stance against bullying.

Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada, which work to combat bullying and help young people develop self-esteem and a sense of respect for others, benefit from the support received from Pink Shirt Day activities. The official pink T-shirt, available for purchase online and at London Drugs stores, donates net proceeds to Boys and Girls Clubs.

The problem of bullying has become a topic of greater focus in recent years, with the rise of cyber-bullying adding a new dimension to a long-existing problem amongst students. Teach Away thanks all of its teachers who promote kindness, respect, and self-esteem in their classrooms. With the help of dedicated educators as well as increased community support, school bullying can be a surmountable problem.

Country Spotlight: Chinateach in China

Teaching in China gives educators the chance to explore one of the world’s largest nations, steeped in history and tradition. Ancient and enormous, China offers comfortable living for teachers as well as plenty of travel opportunities for adventurers.

Teach Away places teachers in private schools and language centers across China, including Disney English schools in some of the country’s largest cities. Disney classes are creative, immersive, and energetic. China boasts a number of opportunities in other schools and language centers, many of which offer generous compensation packages. Though overall compensation may appear lower than that of some of its neighboring countries, the low cost of living in China allows many teachers to save a good portion of their salaries each month.

China provides excellent opportunities for travel, offering cosmopolitan cities, expanses of natural scenery, and more World Heritage sites than nearly any country in the world. China’s culture and cuisine vary by region, and relatively inexpensive domestic travel makes it possible to experience the country’s diversity. The nation’s booming economy has made it an unavoidable presence on the world stage, and employees with knowledge of Chinese culture and language are increasingly sought after in a number of fields.

For more information about teaching in China, check out the current teaching jobs abroad.

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