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english teaching jobs for non native speakers online

Reader’s Note: we have improved this blog to reflect appropriate industry-specific terms for how we address people whose first language is not English. The terms “Native and non-native English speakers” have historically been linked to discrimination. As per the International Schools Service mandate, we are working towards eliminating this language and, more importantly, the implied bias it suggests.

In the past on the old bloggy blog, we’ve covered the ins and out of teaching English abroad when English is your ‘second’ language. (Spoiler alert: It is absolutely possible!)

But what about teaching English online? Is that a whole other ball game altogether?

English is my second language – can I still teach English online?

online teaching jobs for non native speakers


Demand for online English teachers continues to grow at a pace that’s unmatched anywhere else in the language learning industry worldwide.

So long as you speak the language fluently,  you stand just as a good chance of finding employment as an online English teacher as any English speaker out there. This holds true regradless of whether you’re just starting out with teaching or you’re already a highly experienced ESL instructor.

After all, non-fluent English teachers bring some unique stengths to the job that fluent speakers often don’t possess.

For starters, you’ve already been through the language learning process firsthand. Who could be more empathetic to the needs and challenges English language learners face than someone who’s been in their shoes before?

Moreover, you (arguably) have a stronger grasp of grammar and other technical aspects of the English language than your fluent English speaking counterparts. Sure, a fluent speaker could well have an intuitive understanding of what’s correct and incorrect, but they may not be able to explain the rules in a way that makes sense to an English language learner.

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A list of online English companies hiring online English teachers.

teach english online non native speaker jobs

Aside from a few notable exceptions, including VIPKID, Gogokid, Qkids, iTutorGroup and DaDa, all of the following companies welcome applications from knowledgeable English speakers.

  1. 51Talk
  2. TutorABC
  3. Topica Native
  4. Talk 915
  5. FluentBe
  6. eHello
  7. Lingokids
  8. Bibo Global
  9. Italki
  10. Orange Talk
  11. Antoree
  12. Kukuspeak
  13. ECommunication
  14. PandaABC
  15. HelloKid
  16. WonderKids
  17. iBestTeacher

While these companies all welcome applications from speakers with a high level of English proficiency, it’s worth noting that they may set out other requirements you’ll also need to meet, including a degree, teaching experience and ESL certification.

And the best part? You don’t need a visa to teach English online, so no need to worry about those pesky government restrictions that are often imposed on travelling English teachers!

Sidenote: Some companies state a preference for applicants with a “neutral” accent, which seems like a contradiction in terms. Like all languages, English is spoken with different accents all around the world. There are always variations in accents, even within the same country or state. Our advice? So long as you can show your English proficiency, you shouldn’t let this requirement put you off applying. And again, one of the best ways to gain a competitive edge is by getting TEFL certified.

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Filipino online English teaching companies hiring English teachers.

  1. Altoral
  2. Learntalk
  3. Skybel
  4. Bibo

Right now, there are a wealth of online English teaching jobs for non-fluent speakers just waiting for your application. Head on over to our online teaching job board for the latest open positions today!

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