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Holi celebration in India

The beauty, diversity and heritage found in India is illuminating and expansive, making it a captivating destination for educators that have been seeking alternative work experiences.

Fun fact: the name, India, comes from the Indus River, the valleys that have been home to some of humanity’s earliest settlers. 

To travel to India allows you to gaze through a keyhole of history. 

Educators that are interested in travel and working abroad could not wish for a more vibrant destination. 

Even the world’s first university was established in Takshila in 700 BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects.

Besides all the culture and depth, India has been opening its doors for educators that are passionate about language education. 

This invitation is about building a bridge, helping to foster understanding and shaping the linguistic landscape of their nation. 

With many schools offering competitive compensation, the perks are yet another reason for considering this move.

Before you embark on this journey, know that it will be extremely helpful for prospective teachers to ensure they have their TEFL. Teach Away’s TEFL online certification can equip you with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to help you land that coveted job teaching in India. 

And so, there are many reasons why teaching in India has gained worldwide popularity, and we are here to illuminate the top five:

  1. Cultural Immersion and Diversity
  2. The Demand for ESL Teachers 
  3. Advancements in Educational Infrastructure 
  4. Competitive Compensation and Cost of Living 
  5. Work-Life Balance and Travel Opportunities

Cultural Immersion and Diversity 

With a history that spans millennia, the languages, traditions and customs of India are incredibly captivating. 

And the beauty of being an ESL teacher is that you get to be a part of this cultural exchange, learning from the rich mosaic of Indian life. 

One of the unique aspects that set India apart as an ESL teaching destination is the incredibly diverse student population. 

In a single classroom, teachers may encounter students from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to the learning process. 

This diversity not only adds richness to the teaching experience but also allows ESL teachers to tap into their creative and adaptive teaching methods, catering to the varied needs of their students.

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene backwaters of Kerala, every corner of India has a unique story to tell, providing teachers with an enriching experience beyond the classroom. 

The dimension of one’s experience is thus rooted in both the personal and professional growth that will occur in this country.

ESL teachers will find themselves honing their skills, developing resilience, and gaining a broader perspective on education that extends far beyond the classroom.

The Demand for ESL Teachers 

With a growing emphasis on English proficiency, the demand for ESL teachers in India has surged in recent years. 

And with India being a major contributor to the global economy, there is a heightened awareness around the importance of using English as a tool for communication and career advancement. 

International businesses and increased travel have further amplified this need for English speakers. 

It is as a result of these advancements that educational institutions, language schools and private tutoring centers across the country want to equip their students with the essential language skills for success in a global environment. 

This demand opens up numerous opportunities for educators looking to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students.

This is all while enjoying the warmth and hospitality that India is renowned for.

Advancements in Educational Infrastructure 

The Indian government’s advancements and initiatives, such as the National Education Policy (NEP) have prioritized modernization and inclusivity in the educational sector.

With state of the art laboratories, upgraded libraries and improved facilities, the environment has been conducive to fostering innovation. 

Plus, the increased investment in digital technology has created more opportunities for smart classrooms and online platforms, enhancing accessibility and engagement by students. 

The great news is that providing quality English language education has evolved into more spaces and international schools. 

ESL teachers will have the opportunity to work in modern and well-equipped institutions, creating an engaging and dynamic atmosphere for both the educators and students! 

Competitive Compensation and Cost of Living 

The cost of living in India is considerably lower than in many Western countries, allowing teachers to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while saving for their future adventures.

This attractive balance between salary and living expenses makes India a economically viable destination for educators that have been looking to make a meaningful impact in the classroom (without compromising their financial well-being). 

Accommodation costs vary by city, with metropolitan areas always being a touch more expensive than smaller town living.

A comfortable apartment can range from $200-$500 per month. The daily expenses (such as meals and transportation) are also reasonably priced, with the average month costs coming up to $200. 

To learn more about monthly income teaching abroad in India, you can follow the Teach Away salary calculator

Work-Life Balance and Travel Opportunities

In the midst of professional responsibilities, teachers in India will find ample opportunities for relaxation and exploration. 

Whether it’s exploring ancient temples, trekking in the Himalayas, or savoring the delectable Indian cuisine, teachers in India can strike a harmonious balance between work and leisure.

Generally, many language and international schools adhere to a standard 8-hour workday. Weekends and holidays are free to do with as you please, and many online teaching platforms will also offer flexibility in working hours. 

Every teacher can reorient their routine and determine what the best and healthiest equilibrium is between work commitments and personal time. 

A vibrant tapestry of experiences 

With many rewards and opportunities, India is a beautiful subcontinent for ESL teachers to teach abroad

It beckons teachers to say ‘yes’ to a transformative journey that goes beyond the everyday classroom routine. 

And educators desiring an enriching teaching experience will enjoy the vibrant cultural tapestry.

For teachers seeking an alternative lifestyle and more adventure, we wish you a bon voyage and we are here to support you to obtain this job through our Teach Away India job portal

Every lesson and every step forwards is building a brighter future for teachers and students alike. 

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