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The continued demand for English teachers is a wonderful opportunity for all existing and prospective educators that wish to spark their adventurous spirit. 

And the best news is that there are a number of English teaching programs, such as JET, that are encouraging teachers to apply by offering the bonus of free airfare (that will get you to your destination). 

For the educators that have completed their TEFL certification, this is a very unique opportunity to save extra money while kick-starting your new career.

This article will explore five destinations, around the world, that are providing this invaluable bonus. 

  1. Japan: The Jet Programme 
  2. United Arab Emirates: UAE Government Schools
  3. Spain: Ministry of Education Programs
  4. South Korea: English Program in Korea (EPIK)
  5. China: Public and Private Schools in China

Top 5 destinations that provide free airfare for ESL teachers 

Japan: The JET Programme Pioneers the Way

Supported by the Japanese government, the JET Programme is one of the most renowned programs for ESL teachers.

This program, aimed at enhancing English language education in Japan, offers participants an immersive experience in Japanese culture, 

It has long been an example of a teaching program that not only opens doors to cultural exploration, but also takes care of all the logistical hurdles educators have to go through. 

One of the most appealing aspects of the JET Programme is the free airfare to qualified ESL teachers! This addition of free airfare can help to ensure a smooth transition for ESL teachers.

In addition to free airfare, the JET Programme provides a range of benefits, including competitive salaries, health insurance, and a supportive community for the teachers.

This offering is a testament to Japan’s commitment to fostering international understanding through education.

United Arab Emirates: UAE Government Schools

The United Arab Emirates is a global hub for ESL teachers that are looking to explore a blend of tradition and modernity. 

Beyond the competitive salaries that are known to be offered, many government schools in the UAE (particularly in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi) are going the extra mile by offering free airfare as part of their recruitment packages. 

The UAE is known for its tax-free income, so it is a great destination for educators looking to save and earn a greater sum of money. 

As certain schools are offering this smooth entry into the country, the environment is very conducive to the success and well-being of their international teaching staff.  

With the ability to explore and connect to a culturally diverse environment, the UAE is a great destination for ESL teachers.

To learn more about which schools in the UAE are hiring and offering free airfare, check out Teach Away’s international schools directory which highlights schools hiring in the UAE, as well as all the perks and benefits that come with each role. 

Spain: Ministry of Education Programs 

The Mediterranean lifestyle and historical richness make Spain an attractive option for ESL teachers seeking both professional and personal growth. 

Organized by the Ministry of Education, there are a number of language assistant programs and private language academies in Spain that will provide free airfare to hired ESL teachers. 

The recruitment strategy behind this offering has been to further attract the education of the English language within Spanish schools. 

For those that are drawn to the vibrant culture and sun-soaked landscapes, Spain can be an enticing and rewarding destination to live in.

Many schools in Spain recognize the need to attract qualified educators from around the world and sweeten the deal by offering free airfare. 

With sun, culture and free airfare: you have the ingredients for the perfect destination. 

South Korea: English Program in Korea (EPIK)

With the intricate cultural scene, delicious cuisine and opportunity to save money while living comfortably, South Korea has been another attractive destination for ESL teachers. 

As part of the competitive nature of the market, the country’s commitment to English language education is evident through programs like the English Program in Korea (EPIK)

This government-sponsored program actively recruits foreign teachers to contribute to the nation’s educational landscape, with many schools offering free airfare, to and from South Korea, for qualified teachers.

China: Public and Private Schools

The vast canvas of opportunities continues with public and private schools in China (especially in high-demand cities like Beijing and Shanghai), offering free airfare as part of their recruitment packages (and in order to entice talented individuals to join). 

The emphasis on English education in the country has led to an increase in opportunities for foreign educators. 

The ancient history, rapid economic growth and vast landscape has made China a focal point for the ESL teachers that have been seeking diverse experiences. 

As an educator applying for jobs, you can use the Teach Away job portal to find the schools in China that are offering free airfare (it will be clearly stated on their job posting). 

Life-Changing Experiences 

The choice to teach English abroad is more than a career choice.

It’s about the life-changing adventure that will open doors to cultural expansion and personal growth. 

And the offer of free airfare by schools in Japan, UAE, Spain, South Korea and China demonstrates the value and global recognition of bringing ESL teachers into the classroom. 

These schools and programs are not just invested in education, but in building the bridge between cultures and creating an enriching experience for teachers and students. 

As a prospective ESL teacher, it is now in your hands to follow your intuition and to let that guide you to the country that is most enticing for you.

Beyond the availability of free-airfare, it is worthwhile to take a look at the contractual details, working conditions and cultural considerations before making a final commitment. 

But if you’ve ever dreamed of soaring into the world of ESL teaching, rest assured that there are schools ready to not only ground your flights but also help your career take flight.

Complete your TEFL certification and get started on this journey.  

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