What exactly is an ESL instructor, anyway?

The Teach Away job board can get a little confusing when similarly titled positions call for totally different qualifications. If you’ve browsed our website in search of an ESL instructing position, you may have noticed a variety of positions with different sets of requirements.

I’m going to clear up some of the confusion surrounding ESL positions. If you’re a licensed teacher or recent grad looking for an opportunity abroad, this should help you in your search.

Due to the fact that we work with such a high number of schools and education organizations around the world, “ESL instructor” has taken on a fairly broad meaning on the Teach Away site.

In some cases, an ESL position will require only a bachelor’s degree. These positions are for university graduates looking to go overseas to teach English as a second language.

Other ESL instructor postings will list a bachelor’s degree and “ESL Instructor” in the requirements. In situations where “ESL Instructor” is listed as a credential, the hiring school or organization is calling for candidates who are TEFL, TESL, or TESOL certified. These positions are also suitable for university grads, as long as they are ESL certified.

ESL Instructor positions on the job board may also refer to openings for fully licensed and experienced teachers. These are listings by schools or organizations who looking to hire professional teachers to teach English as a second language. These positions may also combine with other teaching roles (eg. Math & ESL Teacher - Private Language School).


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