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happy new teacher painting at a table after taking her enneagram personality type test for best teaching careers.

Take the Enneagram Institute’s personality type test (the best one is on the official Enneagram site, but there are a lot of free versions floating around around the Web) and bring back your results.

How’d you do? What did you score the highest in? What did you score the lowest in? Let’s determine your teaching career path and see what type of role you thrive in.

*Remember, we’re all unique in our abilities and interests! Even if your personality test results calculate a high score that matches with a teaching career that doesn’t match up with what you were hoping for, doesn’t mean you’re not fit to pursue your ideal career choice.

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or a teacher looking for a career change, your skill sets are a strength that will naturally create pathways for you.

We put together an infographic that breaks down each Enneagram test personality type and the best fit for each teaching career. Would you agree?

These are the best teaching careers for each personality test Enneagram type:

  • The Achiever (Type Threes) and The Peacemaker (Type Nines) make great K-8 elementary teachers for their receptive nature and hard work
  • The Loyalist (Type Sixes) are the perfect types of people that make great K-12 teachers
  • The Challenger (Type Eights) makes a great secondary school teacher for their problem-solving abilities and are known for being self-confident
  • The Reformer (also known as The Perfectionist, or Type Ones) makes a great school district leader and does well in leadership roles
  • The Helper (Type Twos) makes a great guidance counsellor and Special Education teacher for their genuine, caring natures
  • The Peacemaker (Type Nines) makes a great guidance counsellor or social worker and is one of the easiest personality types to work with
  • The Enthusiast (Type Sevens) loves change, new experiences, and different work environments and make great online tutors
  • The Individualist (also known as The Romantic, or Type Fours) makes a great art and music teacher
  • The Investigator (Type Fives)makes a great college professor

infographic of best teaching careers for each enneagram personality type.
Research and original article written by Angelica Bottaro

Which pathway will you take on your teaching journey?

Throughout your teaching career you may find new pathways as they open. If you’re interested in becoming a certified teacher, take Teach Away’s Teacher Certification Program. It’s state-approved, AAQEP-accredited, and can be completed in under a year. You could be teaching as early as next year!

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