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Why teaching abroad is so popular

Teach Away recently made the headlines with rising application figures showing that more and more teachers are looking to swap their classroom for one abroad. So why are increasing numbers of teachers heading overseas to work? Well, where shall we start?


1. Teaching overseas provides new perspectives on education

Attitudes towards education and teaching methods vary everywhere. Every culture takes a different approach to learning which may make you view your current beliefs and practices in a new light. In pursuit of self-improvement, teachers are seeking to enrich their careers in education while and making a positive impact on others. Students in countries overseas tend to take their schooling extremely seriously, often more driven to achieve their goals and motivated by a successful future. Teachers working abroad almost always report that they’ve learned as much as their pupils during the experience.


2. There are growing teaching opportunities abroad

Demand for qualified, native English-speaking teachers in international schools across the world is rising rapidly. We find ourselves adding new vacancies to our job board every day. The education systems in the States, Canada, UK and Australia have all suffered from funding cuts, political struggles and job losses in recent years. Subsequently there is greater competition for teaching positions for both experienced educators as well as the newly qualified. One way teachers are overcoming these difficulties is by considering a multitude of opportunities away from home.


3. Initiatives abroad offer unrivalled employment benefits

Overseas employers understand the concerns and challenges that come with moving to a new country for work and in light of this, they tend to offer generous employment packages. These packages can include free family accommodation, travel allowances, free education and healthcare for up to three dependents and annual vacation flights home, amongst other benefits. In addition to this, teachers working in Middle East can also take advantage of a tax-free salary. Most teachers find that their only expenses are food, household goods, leisure and entertainment.


3. Experience a different culture

Sure, you can go on vacation for a week and see the highlights of a country, but to really immerse yourself in another culture, you need to live there. Teaching allows you direct contact with a variety of people of different age groups and backgrounds, providing a unique insight. Adapting to day-to-day life encourages personal development and opens your mind to the variety of humanity.


4. Add diversity to your teaching experience

Experience teaching overseas in a prestigious school is an attractive addition to your resume, whether applying for a job back home or for another position abroad. Future employers will consider your insight into international education as a significant asset. A successful time spent teaching abroad demonstrates versatility and an ability to work as part of a diverse team. Being able to share your knowledge of progressive teaching methods and implement all the lessons you’ve learned in order to enrich another classroom will make you a very desirable candidate.


5. Lead a more enjoyable lifestyle

Many of the regions where English-speaking teachers are in high demand just so happen to be some of the world’s most diverse, beautiful and sunny. Although a teacher’s working day has its challenges, the general way of life in the Middle East is significantly more laid back than the pace of life you might be used to. People take life slower and there is an emphasis on community, socializing and spending time with family is actively encouraged.


6. Broaden your travel horizons

Setting up home in an entirely new region presents the perfect opportunity to travel to places that may not normally be easily accessible to you. Locations we regularly recruit for in the Middle East, Asia and Europe serve as an ideal base for exploring these continents further, and affordably too. Whether it’s Paris for a long weekend, or spending spring break island hopping in Thailand, the possibilities are endless.

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