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The ongoing global pandemic has seen millions of students embrace the online platforms that had already been flourishing for years. 

In fact, as a long time-investor in online education, TEFL has thrived amid global constraints and lockdowns. 

And in the process, there has been a huge surge in demand for new English teachers.

More graduates are now considering English language teaching to be a great career choice, and there are more options than ever to complete the TEFL certification online. 

Online pathways have several advantages, including greater flexibility and affordability. 

But what about actual classroom teaching experience? 

After all, that’s where you get to put your new skills to the test. 

Some providers offer hybrid courses that include both virtual and in-person learning. However, you’ll also find that many remote TEFL courses are 100% online and do not offer teaching practicums.  

On the one hand, It’s worth noting that most entry-level teaching jobs don’t require applicants to have completed a practical component. 

But, for many trainee teachers, the opportunity to step into a working classroom and gain some real-world experience is invaluable. 

One provider offering the best of both worlds is Manhattan College in New York. 

As one of our world-class training partners, at Manhattan College, you’ll not only benefit from Teach Away’s years of experience in all things TEFL, you’ll also get to round off your teaching certificate with a 2-week stint in New York City. 

Sounds exciting? 

That’s just one of 5 great reasons why you should complete the TEFL Manhattan College certificate program

Here are the top 5 reasons why Manhattan College is an incredible place to get TEFL certified:

  1. Manhattan College values equity in education
  2. You can study in New York and get actual classroom experience
  3. Teach Away’s TEFL Course at Manhattan College is comprehensive
  4. You’ll have access to extra online units that will improve your teaching
  5. You’ll benefit from blended learning

1. Manhattan College values equity in education.

Located in leafy Riverdale, Manhattan College’s beautiful campus was built in 1853 and boasts a proud history in providing high–quality education for students who are most in need. 

Its long-standing commitment to equity in education means a strong sense of community spirit is running through both the faculty and the college’s diverse student body.

This is an institution where contributing to the common good and the importance of giving back are not merely slogans; they are core values that are impressed upon everyone connected to the college. 

Studying in an environment that promotes a strong sense of belonging has obvious appeal. 

But it’s also worth remembering that ideals like civic engagement, community service, and interest in personal development are also characteristics you’ll find in many great teachers. 

At Manhattan College, you’ll get both the expert technical training you’ll need for your teaching career and a greater understanding of what it truly takes to become a positive role model in the classroom. 

2. You can study in New York and get actual classroom experience.

As mentioned earlier, the chance to get some real-world teaching experience is a big deal for many trainee TEFL teachers. 

Why you might ask? 

Well, there are several advantages to enrolling in a TEFL course that includes a teaching practicum, but here are three of the biggest benefits:

  1. You can put the theory into practice: spending time in the classroom is the best way to gauge whether what you’re learning is paying off. You’ll be better able to identify and act on any learning gaps you may have. And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, the chance to practice your new skills could give you a big confidence boost. 
  2. You can decide whether teaching is really for you: Teaching is not for everyone. It can be a challenging job, both mentally and physically. Having the opportunity to spend time in a working classroom before you graduate could help you determine whether teaching is right for you. 
  3. You’ll learn useful classroom management skills: Classroom management is so important to teach. It’s not just about learning how to manage student behavior; it’s also about finding your teacher personality type and developing a basic classroom setup that works for both you and your students.  

Having this knowledge before you embark on a teaching career may well give you an advantage over less experienced teachers who have completed a course that doesn’t include a teaching practicum. 

That’s why our Teach Away TEFL course at Manhattan College offers 20 hours of classroom practice, spread over two weeks.

During this time, you’ll be taught by qualified instructors who will observe your lessons and give you professional feedback. 

It’s worth noting that the Manhattan College TEFL practicum is optional, and you’ll still be able to complete your certificate online if you prefer. 

But when you consider to what extent your teaching will benefit from some practical experience, we think it’s a journey worth taking. 

Plus, in your free time, you’ll get to enjoy all the sights and sounds of one of the most exciting cities in the world: New York. 

Midtown is only a 30-minute train ride away. And if you decide you want a rest from the city that never sleeps, Manhattan College boasts 23 acres of natural beauty and world-class facilities, where you can relax and recharge your batteries. 

Our in-class experience in New York City will resume on July 27, 2021.  

3. Teach Away’s TEFL Course at Manhattan College is comprehensive.

There’s a lot to learn before you can start inspiring young minds, which is why you’ll need to complete Teach Away’s TEFL certification online before heading to the classroom. 

This is crucial, as we’ll equip you with all the fundamentals you’ll need to teach English as a foreign language.

You’ll learn how to effectively plan lessons and develop engaging resources. 

We’ll cover English grammar and how you can simplify it for your students while we’ll also show you strategies for teaching pronunciation. 

The best part is that learning is flexible and self-paced. 

All of this, and lots more, is extensively covered by the 100-hour core curriculum. 

You will walk away with a clear understanding of all the essential tools and practices you’ll need to excel in the classroom. 

4. You’ll have access to extra online units that will improve your teaching.

Developing a thorough understanding of how TEFL works and what makes it unique is vital. 
But what if you want to expand your current skill sets by learning about new teaching methods necessary for the modern classroom?   
Our online TEFL course with Manhattan College also includes 20 hours of self-guided study that explore 3 crucial disciplines aimed at improving your teaching practice. These disciplines are: 

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching 
  • Digital Literacy 
  • Social-Emotional Learning & Classroom Community Building

Here’s a brief description of what’s included in each module: 

  • Culturally responsive teaching is concentrated around meeting the diverse needs of students from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds. You’ll learn how to adapt your classroom practice for all your students, and you’ll get input in managing potential cultural clashes in the classroom.  
  • Digital Literacy: So much of our lives now revolve around the online world. This module will help you become a more computer-savvy teacher, giving you the confidence to create engaging online lessons that will benefit your students and help them succeed in a modern work environment.
  • Social-Emotional Learning & Classroom Community Building empowers educators to help support students who are developing all the complex social skills they will take with them into early adulthood. You’ll also learn more about building inclusive classrooms and safe spaces.  

After you’ve completed our 100-hour core curriculum, these 3 additional units will give you an authentic insight into what it takes to become a people-centered teacher who can understand and adapt to the needs of all your students. 

Teach Away’s TEFL certification from Manhattan College typically takes 6 – 12 weeks to complete. The exclusive in-person practicum can be taken anytime after you’ve finished the online course. 

5. You’ll benefit from blended learning.

Blended learning combines both remote and in-person study.  

Online learning was already thriving before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now there are more options than ever. 

And because you’ll be spending more time learning from home, you’ll also save both time and money on travel, which will give you more freedom and flexibility. 

Also known as hybrid learning, our online TEFL certificate at Manhattan College will give you the best of both worlds.  

We’ll teach you all the theories you need to get started as a TEFL instructor. 

Plus, you’ll be able to study 3 additional units in teaching practice that can be applied across education as a whole, regardless of the discipline.  

Blended learning is empowering! 

It encourages learners to show initiative and take responsibility for their learning while also offering the kind of one-on-one support and structure that is often only found in face-to-face learning environments. 

Once you’ve completed your TEFL certification online, you’ll have the chance to discover this for yourself by putting all your new skills to the test at Manhattan College. 

Test out your new English teaching skills in New York.

We’re proud of our online TEFL courses

Developed in partnership with experts in global education, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that each program offers something unique that will challenge learners in different ways. 

We understand that for a lot of trainee-teachers, the opportunity to put theory into practice is essential. 

That’s why our Manhattan College TEFL practicum will give you first-hand teaching experience in a natural classroom environment, at an institution that values both education and life-long learning. 

Contact us today and find out how you can spend 2-weeks studying in NYC, this summer. 

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