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Why you should teach in an IB school

If you’ve ever been browsing the Teach Away job board in search of a unique global opportunity, you may have come across postings for positions at International Baccalaureate, or IB, schools. These schools are significantly different from other private and public international schools as well as from local private and public schools. IB schools aren’t better or worse than other options, but do have some unique qualities and education approaches that might make them a more desirable place to teach.

They strive to go beyond basic curricula to instill caring and curiosity in their students.

IB schools work hard to ensure students step outside of the standard subject material and their programs reflect that sentiment; the Primary Years Programme (PYP) applies the transdisciplinary themes, “Who we are”, “Where we are in place and time”, and “How we express ourselves” across all subjects. As a result, starting from the age of 3, children at IB schools inherit genuine senses of caring and curiosity.  

They focus on shaping global citizens.

The I in IB truly does stand for International. IB schools are known for their focus on producing global citizens who are educated about the world. This, too, is clear when you take a look at another three PYP transdisciplinary themes: “How the world works”, “How we organise ourselves”, and “Sharing the planet”. The Middle Years Programme (MYP) doesn’t use transdisciplinary themes, but rather global contexts, which further reinforce the significance of IB students adopting a genuine global way of thinking. The six global contexts are “Identities and relationships”, “Personal and cultural identity”, “Orientations in space and time”, “Scientific and technical innovation”, “Fairness and development”, “Globalization and sustainability”.

They constantly work towards improving their teachers.

IB schools immerse their teachers in transformative professional development programs. The idea behind their quality PD program is that teachers who are perpetually gaining new skills are best equipped to develop the knowledge and skillsets of their students. IB PD programs consist of face-to-face workshops, online workshops, and blended learning.

Teaching in an International Baccalaureate school is a chance to work in a unique global environment while building your education career with experience that is recognized and valued internationally. See some current Teach Away IB job postings below.

Visual Arts Teacher – Private International School – Indonesia
IB Math Teacher – International School
IB Science Teacher – International School
IB Economics/Business Management Teacher – International School

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