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10 ways to hire better teachers for your international school

Is your school really attracting the best teachers the world has to offer? If you’ve just been through your latest pile of applications and few resumes genuinely excited you, then probably not. As the world’s leading international teacher recruitment agency, we’re sharing our top tips on raising better awareness of your vacancies and sparking interest from higher calibre candidates.

  1. Select, don’t settle. Even if it’s late in the year, hiring average candidates in a hurry will not benefit you or your students long term. Invest time and resources into choosing the best-suited educators who will value their role and have a positive impact on your school and learning community.
  2. Extend your reach. Always using the same talent pools and running out of options? Cast your net further and you’ll catch more. This is now possible, thanks to the internet. Take advantage of the enormous people potential of social media by posting regular updates and job alerts.
  3. Be competitive. International schools are booming, offering teachers plenty of choices. Reasonable employment packages and provision for dependents makes a real difference when it comes to attracting better applicants. Research what other institutions in your area are offer staff in terms of salary and benefits – they’ll be chasing the brightest candidates too.
  4. Knowledge is power. Provide job hunters with plenty of useful details about the role in the job listing, allowing applicants to better judge for themselves whether the position is a good fit for them. 
  5. Show off your personality. Job postings should be saying more about vacancies than the bare facts and figures. It’s your chance to show your school’s culture, vision, attitudes and values. Consider why teachers want to work in this role, at your school, over another institution in the region?
  6. Upgrade your toolkit. Your students are likely using the latest technology – so should you. If your institution has a website (and it needs to!), use it strengthen your brand by providing an insight into day to day life. Consider advertising jobs on external job posting websites and education forums.
  7. Think outside the ad. Recognize well-rounded applicants who can meet the demands of an international posting. Keep an open mind. For example, some candidates may have less experience than you’re looking for, but exactly the right kind of experience, attitude and qualifications you’re looking for. Experience never trumps fit.
  8. First impressions count. Make sure communication with applicants is clear and responsive from the start of the process – keep candidates informed and engaged. Hiring managers should be transparent about the recruitment process and future terms of employment. Remember your online presence – website and social media –  is your public face. Keep content accurate, informative and up to date, no excuses.
  9. Be flexible. This is particularly important when the role is a last minute hire. Great teachers won’t stick around for long, so be understanding of challenges such as time zone differences, technical difficulties and availability. Consider a recruitment provider to do the hard work if your time is limited.
  10. Break free from tradition. Traditional methods and schedules of teacher recruitment are tried and tested. But with growing global demand for teachers at international schools, and more specialism required, it’s time to enhance old processes with new methods for faster and more efficient recruitment.

By implementing these techniques into your current hiring strategy, your school will surely be taking the right direction towards more effective and successful recruitment.

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