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5 last minute hiring tips for international schools

Having a last minute position to fill due to unforeseen circumstances, or just a lack of suitable candidates, is common. Here are some things to remember if you find yourself hiring in a hurry.

  1. Stick to your criteria. Even in tight circumstances when you are in desperate need of a teacher, it is crucial to keep to your key requirements to ensure you have a qualified professional who is the right fit for your school.
  2. Stay positive. There are plenty of teachers and lots of last minute job seekers out there. Teach Away has a network of hundreds of thousands of educators; we will help find the candidates for you.
  3. Communicate. Regular contact and transparency with potential new hires moves candidates through the process quicker and builds trust in you and your school. Hiring managers will find the most success by communicating all application, interview, and hiring information to candidates.
  4. Outsource. International education recruiting services can help you reach thousands of teachers in an instant. Recruiters are experts at finding world class educators for your vacancies and streamlining the hiring process, so it’s faster and easier for you.
  5. Extend your reach online. Go beyond posting job adverts or listing your vacancy on a single website. Amplify your reach by using social media to promote your job posting to a much larger, relevant audience. Reaching more great teachers is about promoting your vacancies in places where today’s teachers are spending their time.
  6. Be prepared for visa delays. It takes time for newly hired international teachers to acquire working visas. In cases that don’t allow you several weeks to wait for a new teacher to get a visa, Teach Away has solutions, including recruiting qualified candidates within your country.