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Case Study: Teach Away’s Academic Year Subscription reduces cost per hire

The challenge


BEAM Education was looking to hire over 400 education professionals in order to fill vacancies across its five schools for the upcoming school year.


The goal


With three new schools set to open in 2016, BEAM needed to attract the largest volume of applicants since establishing its first school in 2002.


The solution


BEAM selected Teach Away as a key recruitment partner for the 2016/2017 school year due to Teach Away’s successful track record in helping schools achieve their recruitment goals in the Middle East.


With an online community of 750,000+ educators, 14,000 new teacher registrations and 32,000 job applications per month, Teach Away was uniquely positioned to assist BEAM in sourcing and hiring the very best teaching candidates in the market – across a wide geographical area – in a short period of time.


Teach Away provided BEAM with an Academic Year Subscription – a flat-fee recruitment solution built by experts in the field of international teacher recruitment.


This solution is designed to help hiring schools access a larger pool of talent than traditional advertising strategies typically offer and manage the application process more efficiently, saving on time lost in reviewing poorly-matched resumes and conducting multiple interviews.


The approach


  • All BEAM job postings were given premium positioning on Teach Away’s online job board (receiving over 1.2 million pageviews a month).
  • BEAM’s customized exclusive web page was given prime visibility with a featured program listing on Teach Away.
  • BEAM’s job postings were given priority placement on the popular UAE country information page (viewed by an additional 10,000 unique visitors per month).


Teach Away’s recruitment solution also included access to an Applicant Tracking System, with the ability to integrate with BEAM’s own recruitment platform. This streamlined application process allowed BEAM to quickly identify and assess talent, reducing pressure on administration and drastically cutting down on hiring lead times.


BEAM’s success with Teach Away


As part of the offering, BEAM retained their pool of applicants on file for the duration of their 12-month subscription, which ensured they had a readily available batch of resumes from active job seekers on hand at all times. “The platform is very easy to use and the number of candidates that have been driven to our database has drastically increased since we starting working with Teach Away,” said Mohammad Bhudye, Chief Information Officer at BEAM.


From January to December 2016, BEAM saw the following results:


  • 144,000 total job posting views
  • 9,555 total applications received
  • 1,911 applications per school


“For every 10 qualified candidates that we interviewed, well over 50% came from Teach Away,” Mohammad said. “Through Teach Away, we’ve been able to lower our cost per acquisition with the fixed annual fee and have found it to be excellent value for money. Our campaign has attracted quality applicants from the UK, USA, Canada and beyond – the global reach is unrivaled compared to other well-known job sites.”


At Teach Away, we make hiring the very best teaching talent easier. Interested in finding out how we can support your institution’s recruitment needs? Visit our recruitment page today!


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