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Esol Education – A Teach Away success story

Esol Education Group selected Teach Away as a recruitment partner in 2014 to fill a minimum of 20 teaching vacancies in their private schools located in Egypt and the UAE. Using pre-screen interviews and a document and qualifications review process, Teach Away sourced highly qualified candidates throughout the US with a diverse mix of skillsets and experience, and arranged over 100 interviews sessions over four days in two US cities.

To attract these candidates, Teach Away employed a range of innovative digital marketing techniques, including targeted email campaigns, social outreach and promotion, and an Esol Education-specific landing page with a variety of multimedia on our website.

Through Teach Away’s recruitment efforts, all vacancies were filled and Esol Education has committed to continuing the recruitment partnership for 2015.

We asked Esol Education for their thoughts on Teach Away’s services. Read below to see the Advisor to the Chairman, Tammam Abushakra’s answers to the questions that we asked.

Who is Esol Education?

Esol Education is an education organization specialized in managing high-quality international schools, both American and British, and we are currently responsible for a total of nine schools in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.

How were Teach Away’s recruitment campaigns successful for you?

They were quite successful, we were able to attract a significant number of qualified and experienced teachers for our schools, and these were all from the United States for our American schools in the UAE and Egypt.

What aspect of Teach Away’s services did you find most valuable?

I think the aspect that was most valuable to us is simply bringing in a significant number of qualified candidates who are interested specifically in our schools.

How did your principals find the quality of teachers?

Our principals found the quality of the candidates at Teach Away events to be very good, and we could see that Teach Away had done a lot of prescreening that saved us a lot of work ahead of time.

What did school directors think of our services?

Our school directors found the entire process to be very well organized. Our experience with Teach Away has been that they are highly professional, highly organized, and quite savvy.

How does Teach Away’s approach differ from the career fair approach?

The exclusive approach to recruitment has been highly beneficial to us, when you set up an exclusive event, all the teachers you see are specifically interested in your schools, and you’re not competing with a number of schools for the same teachers as you would be at the traditional recruiting fairs.

What do international schools have to gain from working with Teach Away?

I think Teach Away provides international schools to a pool of candidates that they probably wouldn’t otherwise have access to, and of course, our teachers are the backbone of our schools and the most valuable resource that we have.

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