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Hiring international teachers with dependents

Every organization wants experienced, reliable teachers, preferably with practical knowledge of related curriculum. However, experienced teachers are more likely to have spouses and children, and not every organization can provide the support needed in order to recruit teachers from overseas along with their families. When designing your international teacher recruitment strategy, this is one of the first criteria your institution will need to determine. Keep the following questions in mind to decide whether you are realistically able to hire international teachers with dependents:

Can you provide visas?

This will largely depend on your country’s immigration laws. Without the ability to secure visas for teachers’ family members, your institution will have a limited ability to recruit experienced teachers who are hoping for a secure teaching placement. Be sure that you are aware of local laws before you begin the hiring process in order to avoid last-minute complications.

Do you have accommodation that can house families?

Younger teachers without family responsibilities are often happy to live with roommates, or may be able to stay in hotels for their first few weeks while searching for accommodation. Unfortunately, educators with young children do not have this freedom! Teachers with families will usually need to know that their school is able to provide an apartment, and one that is an appropriate size for a family.

Can you cover the cost of airfare for dependents?

For most educators, the cost of plane tickets for multiple family members is prohibitively expensive. If your organization is unable to cover this cost, it is important to notify candidates of this up front. While it may be disappointing, it is better to allow your applicant to make an informed decision early rather than prolong the situation – this will only complicate your hiring process.

Are there local schooling options?

International educators with young children will need to find a place for them to attend school. Does your area have options for English-speaking students, such as international schools? Without this, your candidate will likely have to turn down even an excellent offer.

Can you provide tuition allowance?

Even if international schools are available, many are out of the price range of teachers. Think about whether your teachers could reasonably afford tuition for 1-2 children based on their salaries. If you are not sure, consider offering a tuition allowance for your school or others nearby in order to make a more attractive offer to candidates.

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