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As a school, it is your top priority to invest in and retain the right teachers for your classroom. 

The question is, how does one successfully do that? Teach Away has created a webinar series, ‘How to successfully Recruit, Train and Retain great teachers in 2022’ to help prepare your school for the competitive and international education recruitment landscape. 

In our most recent webinar, we ask and help answer the question, Is your school doing enough to develop and retain its teachers?‘ which we’ll re-cap for you right here.

The reality is that there is so much more involved than offering salary transparency and ensuring your compensation packages are top-notch. 

Many educators are looking for opportunities to up-level their knowledge and expand their professional development. 

And one way to do so is by offering your school’s unlicensed teachers opportunities like the Teacher Certification Program (TCP) to obtain a highly sought after US teaching license from anywhere in the world while maintaining their current role at your school.

Becoming a certified teacher will open more doors for your current educators, which is something to keep in mind as you’re maintaining your teacher retention strategy.

Here are a few ways that the Teacher Certification Program can help develop and retain your school’s teachers:

  1. Reduce staff turnover with professional development and new career opportunities
  2. Teachers can pursue certification part-time while maintaining a work-life balance  
  3. Accessible, affordable program removes financial barriers
  4. Fully accredited and official state-issued certification supports your school’s American (and non-American) curriculum

Reduce staff turnover with new career opportunities

Career expansion is integral to reducing staff turnover and keeping things new and exciting. 

Investing in your teachers with TCP can provide educators with opportunities for growth and leadership down the line.

Professional development plays into the decision-making process of teachers deciding whether to stay with your school or seek more competitive and aligned opportunities. 

Invest in your staff, and your school will become renowned for it!

Create new opportunities for professional development with a flexible part-time certification program

One way to develop and retain teachers is to promote professional development through programs like TCP.

TCP is an affordable, accessible, and flexible 100% online program that can be completed in as few as nine months. 

Teachers can maintain a work-life balance while pursuing certification through a part-time program.

Many different types of people and professions can benefit from and enroll in the program. 

Who are the ideal candidates for the Teacher Certification Program?

Teacher Certification Program CandidatesBenefits to the Teacher and Your School
Local Domestic TeachersCan obtain a US teacher certification while still working full-time at your school
Having TCP certified teachers on staff further aligns your school’s curriculum with an American curriculum
International Unlicensed TeachersCurrent or recent university students can pursue TCP part-time and commit to your school for a practicum or future opportunities
Career changers from anywhere in the world have the opportunity to get teacher certification while still working full-time
International Teachers With an Expired LicenseExperienced teachers can renew their certification with an alternative pathway through TCP
Support Staff Including Special Education TeachersTCP’s Special Education stream is an in-demand program that can help certify teachers interested in specializing in Special Education. This can create a contractual opportunity for your teacher and school.
Curriculum Leaders and Heads of SchoolsExposure to American curriculum can help facilitate any desired changes to your school’s current curriculum.

Accessible, affordable program removes financial barriers

Time Savings

  • In comparison to a traditional route, TCP is a 9-month program versus a 4-year undergraduate degree OR 2-year post baccalaureate program.
  • Instead of in-person, structured learning, TCP students complete their certification with an asynchronous, online core curriculum with flexible student teaching options.
  • Traditional routes offer 1-2 start dates per year, while TCP has rolling cohorts throughout the year.

Financial Savings

  • Annual tuition expenses can cost USD $8,000 a year for in-state students, and USD $26,000 for out-of-state students. TCP can offer the same certification at the cost of a USD $75 application fee and USD $5,499 flat fee tuition with flexible payment options available.
  • An added advantage is that schools can enroll a certain number of teachers in a cohort to be eligible for additional savings (cohorts begin every 2-3 months).

Support your school’s American (or non-American) curriculum with a fully accredited and official state-issued certification

TCP is a state-approved alternative teacher certification program that’s recognized by AAQEP in Hawai’i, as well as state-approved by the Arizona Department of Education

While beneficial for schools that follow an American curriculum, those that do not can still benefit from TCP as a training program. For teachers to qualify for official certification, teachers should be teaching an American curriculum.

Developing and investing in your teachers 

Teachers play a crucial role in the growth and expansion of students’ lives. 

And given the arduous process of hiring a teacher, it is in your school’s best interest to retain the teacher you have hired for years to come. 

The solution is simple: invest in and care for your staff. 

For starters, you can help your local teachers expand their knowledge with courses and innovative online programs.

Make use of the resources that you have at your disposal and consider every hire to be a long-term investment. 

The relationship between a teacher and their respective school requires mutual care and development.

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