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Securing the candidates you want through good communication

Finding the candidates you want for your international teaching jobs can be both exciting and daunting. When the world is your oyster, how can you secure the best teacher for your job?

With Teach Away’s teacher recruitment services, we help you narrow down your search to hone in on the best possible candidates for each of your availabilities. But after you’ve found the right candidates, you have to secure them as employees.

How can schools do this successfully?

As a recruitment agency, we’re in regular contact with our database of over 200,000 educators worldwide. Through this, we’ve gained some good insight into what makes teachers more inclined to accept or decline offers.

Many of our teachers have said to us that what’s most important to them is responsive and timely communication and feedback. Because teaching overseas is a big leap of faith for many teachers who have lived and worked in a relatively small radius their entire lives, teachers appreciate having their questions answered and their applications treated on an individual basis. Not only does it put their concerns to rest, it also establishes more faith in your institution.   

You should strive to keep the communication channel open throughout the entire recruitment process. This doesn’t just mean answering their questions in a timely fashion, it means anticipating what their questions might be and providing good information from the start. Communicating the specifics of each of your availabilities is important as well because it helps interest and attract more educators to your positions. We can say from experience that the more information that you provide in your job postings regarding the school, the benefits, and the offer package, the more interest this will generate. Teachers like to know what they are being offered if they’re considering moving their life overseas.

Get teachers excited about your job, your educational institution, and the growth potential by offering them responsive and timely feedback. Making candidates feel coveted and cared for is one of the key ways to attract ideal talent.

As your recruitment agency, we at Teach Away will make the recruitment process as streamlined as possible by handling the initial communication process, but once your communication with your candidates begins, be sure that you keep them interested by being present and communicating effectively.

Do you know what really matters to your teaching candidates?