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In our ever-changing post-pandemic world, an exciting global trend is emerging. More and more individuals are seizing the opportunity to explore diverse cultures and embark on international adventures. Teaching abroad is once again emerging as an enticing option for those seeking enriching experiences and a chance to make a meaningful impact on communities worldwide.

Recent college graduates are among the trendsetters, spearheading this movement. Fueled by a thirst for real-life experiences and international journeys, they’re stepping up to the plate. Many of these young adventurers are actively pursuing an online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. This certification equips them with the skills needed to teach English in classrooms worldwide and online. Teach Away, in partnership with respected institutions worldwide, offers world-class TEFL programs to support their aspirations.

Teach Away, a leading portfolio company of Pluribus Technologies (TSXV: PLRB), has its finger on the pulse of this exciting trend. We’re thrilled to report a remarkable 47% increase in new registrations on their teacher platform. This surge serves as a compelling indicator of the rising interest in teaching opportunities abroad.

Rene Frey, the dynamic CEO of Teach Away, weighed in on the surge: “The substantial increase in demand for teaching abroad through Teach Away is a testament to the global appeal of such experiences,” he stated. “This surge in interest not only fosters growth for our business but also reaffirms our commitment to providing solutions for educators worldwide.”

But that’s not all. The company has also noticed a substantial 75% surge in applications for teaching positions overseas. This surge underscores the growing demand for these fulfilling opportunities.

Richard Adair, CEO of Pluribus Technologies, is equally enthusiastic about the growing interest in international teaching opportunities. He remarked, “The surging demand and heightened interest in international teaching opportunities have supported our revenue objectives. We are optimistic and fully committed to fostering this momentum, expecting further expansion ahead. It not only aligns with our growth strategy but also reaffirms the enduring appeal of global educational experiences.”

In this dynamic landscape, teaching abroad is more than just a career move; it’s an adventure that enriches lives and communities alike. As the world continues to change, the allure of global educational experiences remains stronger than ever.

Why Is There A Surge In Interest For Teaching Abroad?

Global Economic Forecast

Large-scale job growth is expected in education over the next five years. The education sector is anticipating a 10% increase in job opportunities, resulting in an additional three million global positions for vocational education instructors and university-level educators.

Post-Pandemic Career Re-Evaluations

The pandemic prompted many individuals to reevaluate their career priorities and work-life balance. Some realized they were no longer satisfied with their jobs and decided to seek new opportunities or pursue alternative career paths.

Post-Lockdown Travel Boom

The rise of ‘Covid expats’ and the post-pandemic desire to travel certainly influenced the surge in interest in teaching abroad; along with other factors, like being able to combine travel and work, take advantage of flexible work arrangements, and take part in cultural exchange.

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