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Teach Away Case Study: American United School of Kuwait (AUS)

For this particular private international school, Teach Away recruitment specialists offered a full-service recruitment plan including in-person interviews with school officials. One of the challenges included many last-minute vacancies to be filled. AUS provided pre-kindergarten – grade 5 instruction in its founding year, with plans to expand to middle school-level education in the 2014 – 2015 school year. In order to begin as planned in September 2013, the school required a faculty of American pre-kindergarten – grade 5 teachers and administrators.

The challenge

This private international school required more than 20 teachers and administrators with strong leadership skills to make their first academic year a success. All candidates were required to be US citizens with a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject field and a minimum of 2 years of previous experience.

AUS selected Teach Away to be their exclusive recruitment partner, responsible for the sourcing of American candidates that met the school’s requirements and the arrangement of a series of in-person interviews between the candidates and school organizers in major cities across the US (Las Vegas, New York, and Atlanta).

Teach Away’s recruitment process

Teach Away’s account managers began the recruitment process, including the organization of in-person interviews across the United States. Job advertisement began immediately on Teach Away’s job board, external job posting websites, and social media sites such as Linkedin and Facebook.

Teach Away aimed to source three highly qualified candidates for each position through pre-screening interviews using personality and situational assessments, qualification and document review, and pedagogical knowledge questioning. After pre-screening hundreds of qualified educators, Teach Away arranged in-person interviews for 60 shortlisted candidates across the United States competing for the mentioned positions. Teach Away’s communication through live documents and years of recruitment expertise ensured that in-person interviewing went smoothly for all parties. By sourcing only the most eligible candidates, Teach Away allowed AUS to select the candidates who would best lead the institution in its founding year.

Following successful in-person interviews, Teach Away provided continuous communication and updates between candidates and school organizers, and provided pre-departure orientation in the form of cultural information sessions and document authentication assistance.


Teach Away’s recruitment process allowed AUS to meet their staffing goals for the 2013 – 2014 school year. In 2014, AUS reported that 100% of the teachers recruited by Teach Away were staying on for a second year with the school, an impressive feat. Following a successful hiring process and start to the school year, AUS again selected Teach Away as the sole recruitment provider for the school’s 2014 – 2015 hiring needs.

AUS’s Founding Director, Dr. Jennifer Beckwith, has spoken to her satisfaction with Teach Away’s recruitment services by saying, “We are extremely impressed by the proficiency and preparedness shown by Teach Away. Whenever we queried a candidate, they were willing to find out the answers we were seeking. All the preliminary work was taken care of, which cut down on our search and pre-screening and we were most grateful for their help. We look forward to working with them again this school year.”

If you would like to explore the ways in which the Teach Away team can support your institution with your recruitment needs, visit our Recruitment page.

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