Beijing No. 35 High School’s International Department (Est. 2012) is located in Beijings Daxing district, about 40 minutes from the downtown area of the city. Beijing 35 (Est. 1923), altogether, has four campuses; a regular high school in Beijing’s central Xicheng district, a middle school, and a vocational college. If you come, you would work for the International Department and would have the choice to live in either the city (each morning catching a shuttle bus from Beijing’s Guomao area), or in Caiyu town, Daxing District where the International Department is located.
Academically, Beijing 35’s International Department is part of a crucial stage in development. As our enrollment has skyrocketed in recent years, we are becoming more selective about the students we receive. The school had a brand  6 floor teaching building with state-of-the-art facilities containing computer labs, a music room, exercise facility, dance room, a multipurpose room, classrooms, offices, staff tea/coffee room, etc. All rooms have a large touch screen monitor television connected to a computer and overhead projector (camera enabled, not the mirrored kind). 
To be clear, Beijing 35 is a dynamic institution that is constantly striving to improve itself. Thus, we seek teachers with at least a Masters in their subject, the right experience, good references, certification and a passion for teaching. This is because, in addition to some courses specific to only Beijing No. 35 High School, we additionally cooperate with the Keystone School in the U.S. for dual Sino-US diplomas, with the Northern Consortium of UK Universities (NCUK) on their International Foundation Year (IFY), with US Pathway Program administered through Northeastern University and Kaplan International, and additionally we provide specialized training for grade three students applying individually to world-wide universities. As a teacher here, you may be expected to work on any of these programs; which I believe would suit your professional development goals nicely, and certainly enrich your experience!

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