• BCCIS offers a Preschool Program for 3 and 4 year old children in a facility next to the main school. BCCIS offers a Kindergarten program outside the BC Program. As part of the Understanding with the Egyptian Ministry of Education, Arabic and Religion are taught from Kindergarten through grade 12. Egyptian Social Studies is taught in grades 4-11. These programs are taught by Egyptian certified teachers but in no way detract from the B.C. program. • The school's primary focus is to provide an excellent academic program based on the philosophy, foundations and IRPs of the British Columbia Ministry of Education to Egyptian National and Expatriate children. • The school tries to emulate a typical B.C. school with its policies, objectives, teaching and operation. • The majority of the student population is Egyptian Nationals. • The school offers Arabic, Religion and Egyptian Social Studies in compliance with the Egyptian Ministry of Education's Regulations. • The school has set a benchmark for a quality education in Egypt. The integrity of the annual inspection, five provincial exams; well qualified teachers and IRP's are all unique to the Middle East. • Parents and students have online access to student data as a method of keeping parents updated on student success. • The preschool and kindergarten program, and the BC elementary program enable the majority of the students to enter the BC secondary program well versed in English and with limited need for ESL.

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