Concordia Dalian International High School is an educational venture approved by Dalian Education Bureau in November 2017.  After more than two years of planning the operations and construction of the campus the school is now accepting students for the official inaugural class to begin in August 2018.  This high school has been designed for students who are highly motivated, eager to learn, and aspire to study in the United States.

During their first two years of high school, grades 10 and 11, students will be instructed in the curricular areas of science, mathematics,  English, and some elective courses by international faculty who have English as their native language.  They will also be taught Mandarin, political science, geography, Chinese history, art and physical education by Chinese teachers.  They will be presented with many opportunities to improve their level of English in preparation for the TOEFL examination, which is required for studying in the United States.

In their last year of high school, the program is designed for students to apply to the U.S. based partner high school, Concordia Lutheran High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana (175 miles or 280 kilometers east of Chicago, Illinois), to pursue their diploma.  While in Fort Wayne the students will reside with host families who have connections to the high school.  They will take classes, participate in activities, and become an integral part of the student body.  Upon successful completion of grade 12, each student will receive a high school diploma from Concordia in Fort Wayne and be well prepared to attend a U.S. based college.  

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