David Perry English Training Center was founded by American professor David Perry (1930-2000), a PhD in English literature at Princeton University. Ever since its establishment in 1996, we have been training literally thousands of local students in English each year. We are cram-session-free and have never offered any test-oriented courses. We simply teach English in English and our students are all ages.

The city of Wuhan, one of the biggest and most populous in China, is geographically located in the center of the country. This is where the east meets the west, and the north meets the south. The city’s got its name from the longest tributary Han river that flows here into the Yangtze. Thus it has long enjoyed being the nation’s transportation center to the rest parts of the nation, traditionally by water and now also by land and by air. Today one can conveniently take a High Speed Train to cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen (bordering Hong Kong) and Xi’an in a few hours. And the downtown transport is also convenient, with a subway and skyway train service system ranking #5 in the nation. Our campus is next to Dazhi Metro station on lines # 1 and 6. It is just one block or one stop away from Wuhan Theater. For more nightlife and other amenities, the school is also within a walking distance to the Yangtze, and along the scenic bund lie numerous cafes that all nationals frequent.  

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