DYB –do your best- is a multi-campus English academy situated in and around Seoul. With 30 years of history and having grown year on year, we now have over 30 000 students and 1000 teachers and staff. Within each branch are Elementary and Middle school levels, each having different grades – grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 or grades M1, M2, and M3 (7, 8, and 9). Part of the DYB Education Group is CREO, our program for Elementary classes only, grades 1-6. People interested in CREO positions will teach be drawn to the smaller class sizes, younger students and the pastoral responsibilites that come with that.

Song Oh Hyun, DYB’s founder, is in charge of the company’s direction and teaching philosophy. The curriculum is based on the ‘circular system’ which includes all aspects of the English language; writing, speaking, reading, and listening. Teaching is provided by Korean staff and non-Korean staff, the former being responsible mainly for reading, listening and grammar, and the latter for speaking and writing. In each grade, there are usually 4 English levels and sometimes a 5th highest level. Books and teaching material differ across levels ensuring that students are challenged but not beyond ability. Korean teachers will handle most of the testing elements and Native (English speakers) teachers will be involved in more creative and engaging tasks.

Currently, over 150 native teachers are working at DYB. Lesson creation is shared in DYB, with teachers being responsible for making only one or two lessons and then uploading them into a shared DYB DropBox account. Teachers will then be able to access pre-made lessons for their other classes whilst sharing their own, ensuring that while teachers have plenty of input into what they teach, the workload isn't overwhelming and we stick to our core curriculum. Our teachers aren't going through pages of a book, they are actively teaching and the satisfaction they get from it is part of the reason teachers tend to stay at our company. 

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