Our Mission is to Prepare Children for Life.

We celebrate each child’s individuality and help them discover how they can best contribute to our world and culture. All children are naturally curious and love to learn; we support this innate drive by providing environments that meet children’s developmental needs, guided by a staff of loving and well-prepared adults and building a community of families that actively support our mission.


Our philosophy at Gaowa Montessori is to adhere to the teachings and principals of Maria Montessori through prepared environments and teachers that meet the needs of every child by cultivating their natural desire to learn. At Gaowa Montessori School children learn how to observe, think, and evaluate while experiencing the joy of learning through various exercises in a thoughtfully prepared learning environment that values the individuality of each child. We are committed to assuring the child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs are met while also providing a safe and nurturing environment.


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