Gateway International School was founded in 2015. The school currently has a population of 535 students, mostly Vietnamese, grades 1-8. The 2019-2020 school year, the enrollment target is 800 students, grades 1-9. We offer a bilingual curriculum, 45% English and 55% Vietnamese. Students in grade 1-5 have 15 periods per week of English class that consists of English Language Arts, Math, and Science. Students in grade 6-9 have 8 periods of English per week, 2 periods of math, 2 periods of science, and 2 periods of social studies. They also have 1 period of Music, 1 period of IT, and 1 period of STEAM in English each week in grades 1-9. Students have a total of 18 periods of English in grade 1-5 and 17 periods of English in grade 6-9. The school is currently beginning the process of international accreditation with CIS.

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