The first phase of the opening of HD Qingdao will take place in August 2018 with the launch of the Primary section of the School. HD Qingdao is located on Xingguang Island, in the West Coast area of the City; the School is part of the new Wanda Oriental Movie Metropolis, a US$7billion project, creating a new economic centre for the region and the world’s largest entertainment infrastructure



HD Qingdao is an important addition to the region, offering an outstanding international education that blends the best of British and Chinese curricula on a beautiful campus. The architectural design of the School is based on the British boarding style, with red brick as its predominant feature. The campus occupies a substantial site and will eventually accommodate up to 2000 students.


The curriculum at HD Qingdao will offer a broad range of opportunities designed to develop intellectual growth, physical and emotional health, artistic endeavours, creativity and service to others. As with other HD Schools, HD Qingdao is committed to fostering genuinely bilingual and bicultural students, enabling them to gain competency in Mandarin and English, as well as preparing

them culturally for life in an increasingly interconnected world. In addition to supporting students to become bilingual, the low pupil to teacher ratio will enable HD Qingdao to deliver a highly personalised approach to learning.


In keeping with our partner school, Hurtwood House, HD Qingdao’s ethos, values and curriculum will help foster a strong, supportive school community. Hurtwood House has the strongest reputation for film, theatre and modern performing arts of any school in the UK, and therefore the proximity of HD Qingdao to the Movie Metropolis provides additional opportunities for the School and its students.

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